Radiation Therapist and NYM center for allied health education. HELP

  1. I am sorry to take your time regarding this none nursing question. But I am so confused and I really hope at least someone knows anything about this, because there is no information online at all. I want to apply to school of radiation therapy. i read so much about it, about schools and about programs. There is only 5 schools in NY that offer the programs. 3 of which are closed for September. and the other 2 are $13000 per year. I have a question regarding one in particular . New York Methodist hospital, center for Allied health education, their program is $13000 a year and they don't care about GPA. first come first get in system as long as you hand in all documents. Why other programs charge $4000 per semester and look at GPA and this one does not .. it sounds fishy to me. Does anyone have any information on that school. Or know any other schools for RADIATION therapy not radiology. thank you for your time.

    the schools i found are :
    NYM center for allied health education
    manhattan college in bronx
    nassau community college
    memorial sloan- kettering cancer center
    SUNY downstate

    the first two are very expensive
    while for other 3 there is a waiting list

    also if anyone knows what are ARRT and JRCERT and are they reliable to look into.
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    First of all AART and JRCERT are not schools, they certify the Radiology/Radiation programs and they are the people who will certify you if you pass the licensing exam at the end of your program.

    To answer your questions, the programs that are 4000 and look at GPA are actual colleges and they are state colleges. State colleges have cheap tuition but incredibly high admission standards because more compeitition for the cheap tuition. NYM is not a college, it's a hospital and the Radiation Therapy program is a hospital based program. While NYM may not list gpa requirements, it doesn't mean their program is easy to get into, you have to pass an entrance exam, go through a 4 hour observation in the Radiology Oncology department and you have to be interviewed by the department. So they don't take just anyone. Manhattan College is NOT accredited by JRCERT so I would avoid that one at all costs.

    Unfortunately these are the only schools in NY that provide this major.
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    Thank you very much.
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    Quote from Lerochka
    Thank you very much.
    Good luck, that's a great field to go into. I read your other posts and about what you're going through so I think it's great you had this as a backup plan. =)

    I know Methodist is expensive like crazy compared to the others but if you can get in I would take it. You can get financial aid to help you cover the costs. It is accredited so after graduation you can take the Radiology Therapist certification exam.

    Another one that you might want to look in as a backup major is Respiratory Therapy, I think a few more schools in NY offer that, you only need a 2 year degree and it has the same pre-reqs and you make the same amount of money.
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    Thank you so much for support. After failing nursing i feel like i have been through hell. After weeks of research to get back into the nursing program and looking into LPN and finding any way possible, i came across radiology. and then it clicked that i would actually enjoy doing radiation therapy. since you still help people and you see the same people over and over giving you a chance to make some difference in their life. so then i spend another week getting all the info on radiation therapy. And i actually like it, it is deff worth a try. I just want to say thank you so much for people like you. Who encourage and provide with valuable information. I wish you all the best. And thank you again.