Pace University Spring 2012

  1. Hello!

    Just received my acceptance letter for the cdp program start spring 2012. this is for the westchester campus.

    Did anyone else apply to Pace?

    Anyone who currently attend Pace have any advice??
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  3. by   lizasanurse
    I am looking in to applying to Pace NYC for their CDP Two-year program for Fall 2012. Do you know if they accept any preqs that have been taken online through a community college?
    I have heard that they do accept them, but I was curious if you knew.
  4. by   electricL
    sorry lizasnurse, i do not know if they accept online preqs. i took all my classes while i was an undergrad at a university. it's always different for different schools. i would suggest giving admissions a call to find out. i do know that taking classes online can sometimes be a disadvantage, but it also depends on what class it is. they do like to see that your science courses were taken in a classroom. regardless, good luck with the application process!
  5. by   maybesooninny
    I don't know. *I know they're pretty stringent about the grades you get on the prereq's. *Call and find out. *

    I just graduated 20 days ago from the CDP program. *Definitely life-changingly difficult. * But worth it if you can hang in there.
  6. by   VHFmia
    Can u share the statistics u had when u got accepted?
  7. by   maybesooninny
    Sure. I had a really good GPA in undergrad, like a 3.9, but my prerequisites were not great. I got a C+ in A&P I, a B in A&P II, a B+ in Chem and a B+ in Micro. We had to take the GRE's, too, which I don't think they require anymore. But my GRE's weren't great. I think I got around a 1050 total and their minimum was 1000. I got in because of the strength of my undergrad record. But the prerequisites mean as much or more. I actually applied to the one year program and was admitted to the 2 year program. Just graduated in Dec. Just passed my boards Monday yahooo.
  8. by   maybesooninny
    Sure. I graduated last December. What do you want to know?