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Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten their acceptance letter for the Fall 2012 CDP program at pace. Thank you... Read More

  1. by   amchugh209
    I'm at the manhattan va also for geriatric and psych. What days are u there?
  2. by   mh527
    I'll be there on Thursdays and Fridays, although I believe the psych clinical is only half a semester, the other half is lab
  3. by   mh527
    @amchugh209...the site would not let me respond to your PM, but I do have the same times as you for those clinicals
  4. by   amchugh209
    Quote from mh527
    @amchugh209...the site would not let me respond to your PM, but I do have the same times as you for those clinicals
    I got your message so I guess it went through. I have no idea why I have issues with pm's. Last time it was bc my mailbox was full but now it's empty. Strange. Anywho, we have the same times.. Great
  5. by   sattanasio
    Hey, is anyone deciding between going to Pace and another accelerated program? I am choosing between the Pace program and Concordia College’s 15 month accelerated BSN. If anyone else is debating between other programs, what benefits/negatives do you see with Pace?
  6. by   LauraFutureNP
    Hey everyone.. I will be at Manhattan VA on Thursdays and Beth Isreal on Fridays.. Can't wait to meet you all during orientation!
  7. by   catri2007
    I also applied but didnt hear from them as yet. I really dont know how I'm going to pay for this school, hoping they have a lot of scholarship available and also heard that people saying that there's school loan available when doing a second bachelor.
  8. by   Tutz926
    Congrats to all of those who've been accepted to PACE accelerated program. Interestingly enough alot of people when applying to Nursing schools tend to forget to research the NCLEX pass rate for that school. I looked into it and noticed that PACE nyc location only had 5 students take the NCLEX. 4/5 passed however it caught me off guard that by the end of the program only 5 people were able to even take the exam. How difficult is this program at PACE in nyc??

    I know there intake is small but I'm sure its more than 5 people. Good luck to everyone thats been accepted and stay strong.
  9. by   brooklyn2012
    The NCLEX passing rates is listed by quarters, not just years, so sometimes a few people in a class will take it later than their class cohort. I know this because I asked the same question at an open house in May.

    At the last quarter, Pace had a 100% NCLEX passing rate.
  10. by   mzbojangles1
    Hi! First, congrats to everyone who has been accepted. I was told they had 500 applicants for the Fall '12 program and are only choosing 60!!! That's an amazing accomplishment.

    I've applied to the Jan '13 program and really feel like I've gotten the run around from them. I have a BA and no sciences so I asked if I took the pre-recs and had them completed by the end of Fall '12 would I be eligible for the program "yes, no problem" is the answer I got. Now, they are saying I have to have atleast 3 science grades before my application is even considered. I'm upset because I wouldn't have rushed and taken AP 1&2 this summer (at Pace) if I didn't even have a chance for review. I'm hoping they will make an exception. We will see.

    What other programs are of the same nature (I'm in Dutchess County, NY)? For those with other degrees looking to career change, accelerated and with a MS component? Thanks in advance, I'm looking to apply elsewhere.
  11. by   Tutz926
    didn't realize PACE University has a Spring admission for there CDP Program? Is that strictly at the Pleasentville Campus or is that in NYC as well?
  12. by   mzbojangles1
    Quote from Tutz926
    didn't realize PACE University has a Spring admission for there CDP Program? Is that strictly at the Pleasantville Campus or is that in NYC as well?
    It's for the Pleasantville Campus. Fall admission is for NYC, and Spring is for Pleasantville.

    They also told me you aren't admitted based on your decision of 1 year/2 year program, it's considered one program....60 are accepted total.
  13. by   als224
    Hi All!

    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted to this Fall's cohort! For those of you who are still waiting, take comfort in the fact that many of last fall's students were not accepted until the end of July, and I even know of a few being accepted in early August!

    I am a current student in the program, and chose to do the program part-time over two-years, so I will be in some of your classes starting this fall! Please feel free to ask me any questions about the program, as I will be happy to answer them. Also, if anyone is looking for a place to live, let me know- I'm possibly looking for a roommate starting mid-August or September!


    PS- I just asked to join your Facebook Group! See you there!
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