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    I just applied to Pace University's CDP program starting in fall 11. Ive read some pretty negative things on this website about the program but most of the posts were from 2010 and earlier. I was wondering if anyone is currently enrolled in the NYC cdp program and if so, what is your experience like? Please help!!

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    Hey NYC.

    I also recently applied to the Pace CDP program and was a bit unnerved by all the negative comments found on here. I am hoping a little bit that some people were unnerved enough to not apply, and I will have a better chance of getting in!

    Despite the disapproval I've found here on allnurses, I'm still anxiously awaiting a reply. My last recommendation was received 5/25, so I'm hoping to hear from them in the next few weeks.

    Have you applied anywhere else?
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    I applied as well. Any word from them?
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    any news?
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    Hi! I was accepted earlier this month. Is anyone else here planning on starting the CDP at Pace this fall?
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    Haven't heard anything yet. As others have already been accepted, I have a feeling I won't be. :-(
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    You never know with rolling admissions! Give them a call, and see if you can get some answers one way or the other.
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    Got a call today and it seems I've been admitted! They said I should be getting a letter next week. Anyone else hear from them?
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    Congratulations! That's great news. I met with an academic adviser at Pace last week to register for the fall semester. It's a full load of classes to be sure, but I'm really excited.
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    Have you had an opportunity to speak to any current students? All those negative comments still scare me a little, but it seems like they may have just had a bad year. I looked at NCLEX pass rates, and there was one year where only 8 people took the test! Besides that, they've had wonderful pass rates with around 45-55 people taking the exam.
    I'm really looking forward to getting my packet in the mail next week. Do you currently live in NYC, or will you be moving there? What sort of educational and health care background do you have?
    Oh, and what classes are you signed up for first semester? So excited with so many questions!

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