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I know it's early, but is anyone else looking at Pace's ABSN program to start in 2013? I'm 90% finished with my prerequisites and just getting the pieces together to start the application process!... Read More

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    Curious how the new students who entered Fall 2012 are faring. What percentage of your class still remains?

    I'm on the fence about applying to this school, the attrition rate is a bit worrysome and reading the 2010 threads is scary. Has that situation improved at all? Definitely don't want to go into a situation that's primed for failure...

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    Can any of you please share your undergrad grades and Pre-req grades, experience, etc? and where you where accepted or where are you applying? I am worried about not being accepted since my undergrad GPA is 3.10 (BS in Biology) but on the other hand my pre-req GPA is 3.89. I have 5 years experience working in medical research plus volunteer experience in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit of a very prestigious hospital in NYC. Please help! By the way I applied to NYU and Pace for Fall 2013.
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    Did anyone heard back from Pace yet?
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    no . They keep telling me to wait for an email or a letter in the mail. They said they just started reviewing application so we will just have to wait! Hate the waiting!! I really need to get into this program...
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    Quick update,
    I just called the admissions office and a lady told me that they will start reviewing applications today and that I should be hearing from them beginning of April and that I have a slightly chance of having an answer on March. Also, that they will send desicions only by mail!!!/?? ughh everytime I call they keep saying something different!
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    Hi everyone!!

    It's good to read a thread that is not an extreme warning against Pace. I didn't see the Beware Pace thread until after I'd applied. I am really thrilled by the Pace option because I have been living in Boston for 7 years and I am dying to be somewhere new! I didn't realize how exciting it would be to move, however, until most program deadlines had passed and Pace was one of the few programs with a late deadline.

    I wonder if the reason that Pace is so rigorous is that the BSN portion is so quick? I also applied to Direct-Entry programs at MGH, Northeastern and Salem State. The RN/BSN portion of those programs takes place over the course of four semesters where as Pace manages to squeeze it into 3. I like the idea of doing the RN portion more quickly but the possibility of failing out also scares me. I did my BA at BU in International Relations and then took all of my pre-reqs at a local community college. I got As in all of them but until I began them I had never previously thought of myself as a science person. I wonder if I'd find at Pace that with the intensity I couldn't hack it?

    I also like Pace because as far as private schools go it seems like the more affordable option. I have already been accepted into MGH's program and I have sent a deposit (just in case), however, for just the RN portion, excluding living expenses, tuition and fees at MGH amount to 60,000. Pace at 48,000 is cheaper. On the one hand I think that living expenses in NY could make up for the difference but living in Boston is also very expensive.

    Aside from sharing my concerns I actually do have a question.... my understanding from the Pace website is that once you have finished the BSN portion you have the OPTION of continuing on and doing the Family NP MSN degree. But it is strictly that an option and that should you choose not to take it you will still be awarded your BSN. Is that correct? I am attracted to that possibility because if I end up wanting to move back to MA then I could do so after a year and apply to NP programs elsewhere. Alternatively, all the other schools require you to complete the full RN/NP program at their institution. For example, MGH won't award you the BSN until you complete the MSN classes.

    I'd appreciate feedback!

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    Hi folks,
    I just called Pace to check the status of my application and she said that my application was already reviewed by a counselor and now is on committee review. I also asked her when does she think I will hear from them and she said that it could be 4 to 6 weeks. I am really nervous, I have made very drastic changes familywise in order to start school this year. I just hope that my hospital and volunteer experience as well as my resume, letters of rec, high pre-requisites GPA and personal statement will make up for my low undergrad GPA. Good luck to all.....
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    Hey all,

    I have also applied to PACE for fall 2013. hoping for the best!
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    I went to an open house at Pace and they are very strict about having students maintain an 80% grade average in all classes. This is their way of weeding out students who might not pass the NCLEX at the end of the ABSN program. I think it is a strong program that demands that students stay on top of their course work and clinical expectations. The same can be said about most of the ABSN programs in NYC.

    I just hope they offer a decent financial aid package. I would love to stay for the FNP Program, but the cost is prohibitive.
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    Omg... I just received an email from Pace saying that i have been selected to interview with the admission committee on March 18th. Is that something good or bad? I thought they would just send me an acceptance letter or rejection letter. I've never heard that Pace holds interviews... Hopefully everything goes great... Wish me luck...

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