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I know it's early, but is anyone else looking at Pace's ABSN program to start in 2013? I'm 90% finished with my prerequisites and just getting the pieces together to start the application process!... Read More

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    the preferred deadline was February 15th, and the final deadline is april. i wonder if they will have another day of interviews for people who sent their stuff in after February 15th
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    p.s. let us know how the interviews go!
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and I will be applying for the next cycle this fall for 2014. I know it's a bit far from now but I still have three prereqs to complete this fall.

    For those that have been accepted, CONGRATS!!!

    If anyone can share their stats in terms of their GPA, general background, it would really really be appreciated!
    I had a 3.8 GPA in psychology during my undergrad but I did not come from a health field. In fact, I've been working in a law firm for the past two years as a paralegal and I now I know what my real passion is. I miss the science and its applicability towards helping others.

    Any insights would truly help the next prospective class!

    Cheers to everyone!
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    Hi kjoseph591,
    How did your interview go?

    Quote from kjoseph591
    I got accepted for an interview too for the 18th but for the CDP! I am so nervous.
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    how were the interviews yesterday?
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    To candidates that were interviewed yesterday...would you mind answering the following questions???

    What questions did they ask?

    How many people interviewed you?

    Did they tell you when they will notify you about your acceptance status?

    Did they say that only people who got interviews will be accepted?

    thanks so much
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    They asked us general interview questions (why Pace? Why nursing? What difficulties have you overcome to get here, etc.) There were other questions but I'm drawing a blank. It was a group interview. There were 4 people in my group with three faculty members but one didn't ask any questions. I know there were at least 2 other groups during my time slot. Nothing was mentioned about when we would start hearing back nor did they mention that only people who got interviews were accepted.
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    Thank you Sunny.
    It all sounds pretty general.
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    I called Pace today and asked them when will we here from them and the lady said.... end of May !!!!!!!!!! This is crazy! What is this Harvard University? lol
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    Did anybody else got called for an interview? My guess is that they are waiting for another group to get interviewed before they start weeding out applicants. Please share...
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    nope haven't heard anything yet
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    I am thinking that they only interviewed potential candidates and since I did not get an interview, I will not be given a slot.
    I wish they would be more forth coming with their process.

    Good luck to all.

    Brooklyn gal........
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    I was under the impression that they offered interviews to people who are on the borderline.