October 2012 NSUH Fellowship

  1. The job posting for the October 2012 fellowship at NSLIJ opened up on the website on 8/9/2012. i applied on 8/11/2012. Still no response from them for a interview. When should i expect to hear from them? How can i follow up?
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  3. by   ed25
    I applied to this too, have you heard anything yet?
  4. by   FraRN
    no nothing at all, i wonder how long it takes for them to respond or if they're just not interested in me. when did you apply?
  5. by   ed25
    I applied on the 14th.. I haven't been able to find a number or anything to follow up
  6. by   FraRN
    I think I applied around that time as well. Its very frustrating
  7. by   ed25
    I'm right there with you, I just want a job already!
  8. by   FraRN
    same here, how long have you been applying to jobs and when did you graduate?
  9. by   ed25
    I graduated in May..passed the nclex last month and I've applied to pretty much everywhere on LI/NYC for the past 5 weeks or so. What about you?
  10. by   FraRN
    same here, it just makes no sense to me. its such a struggle to find a job.
  11. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the New York Nursing forums.
  12. by   ed25
    So, I found a number to call to apply for positions to try to get in touch with someone. She told me there is no way to follow up with someone and you will be called if they are interested in you. She said she they just recently took the position off the website, so they are going through all of the applications now. They haven't started interviewing yet so she said not to worry that we haven't heard back.
  13. by   FraRN
    it sucks cause i have an interview tomorrow with VNSNY and if north shore calls me back and i get the vnsny job i dont know what to do!
  14. by   afRN10
    Hi.. I am new to this forum. I applied for this fellowship also, around August 14th, and I haven't heard anything yet. Do you have any further information? Have they contacted you for an interview?