October 2012 NSUH Fellowship

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    The job posting for the October 2012 fellowship at NSLIJ opened up on the website on 8/9/2012. i applied on 8/11/2012. Still no response from them for a interview. When should i expect to hear from them? How can i follow up?

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    I applied to this too, have you heard anything yet?
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    no nothing at all, i wonder how long it takes for them to respond or if they're just not interested in me. when did you apply?
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    I applied on the 14th.. I haven't been able to find a number or anything to follow up
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    I think I applied around that time as well. Its very frustrating
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    I'm right there with you, I just want a job already!
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    same here, how long have you been applying to jobs and when did you graduate?
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    I graduated in May..passed the nclex last month and I've applied to pretty much everywhere on LI/NYC for the past 5 weeks or so. What about you?
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    same here, it just makes no sense to me. its such a struggle to find a job.
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    Moved to the New York Nursing forums.

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