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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

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    Hey everyone how's it going, been looking for a thread for the NYU ASBN Spring 2013 for some time now.

    I turned in my application about a week ago, called the school this week and they said they received everything and that I made early decision deadline. The assistant I spoke to was very helpful and said the early decision said give it a few weeks to hear back.

    A little about myself is I'm 22, graduating this fall with about a 3.2 with a major and minor. I have over 3000 hospital hours so I hope that helps.

    I'm spending Thanksgiving in NYC so i hope to hear something by than.

    Good luck to everyone and hope we can all help each other through this

    ps- I heard approx the cost of the program is about 60k-70k

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    I got my albert login about a week ago in the mail. I am waiting anxiously!
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    I applied to the spring 2013 program, too I got my application in on 9/25, but my recommenders are taking FOREVER to get their letters in. Best of luck to everyone applying!!! We'll have to support each other through this waiting process.
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    Hi Everyone!!

    I have also applied to the Spring 2013 program...awaiting VERY anxiously for the admissions decision!!! I think it's great that we have this thread here to lend a support network/ have other people that know the anxiety we (maybe it's just me) are feeling! Did everyone who has posted here apply for priority consideration
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    Hi All -

    I also applied to the NYU Spring 2013 ABSN program...I completed my application in early October so I'm just waiting for admissions to make a decision. I was accepted into the College of New Rochelle ABSN program but I'd like to hear back from NYU before making my choice! CNR wants a deposit by Nov. 5th and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will not hear from NYU before then! O well :/. Tuition will definitely be a factor in my final descion..NYU is more expensive and I do plan to go for a masters so I question whether or not the extra tuition is worth it at this point. Best of luck to all, and maybe I will meet some of you come Jan

    As for my demos - 24 y/o NY native w/undergrad Psych/Bio degree.
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    Hi!! I juuuustttt decided to apply today (nothing like last minute, huh?)

    I was originally a Columbia ETP applicant from last year but didn't get in. Went back to school and took a bunch more science classes, finished my MPH and decided that I'm ready to apply again! I wasn't going to apply to NYU until next fall, but I changed my mind- I just found out that I got accepted to Utica college's accelerated program for this spring, but I have my heart set on moving back to NYC (just moved away 5 months ago to take a breather...5 months was plenty let me tell you).

    Any other late applicants?
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    Hi all!I also applied for the spring semester! Knh339 i got accepted to Utica accelerated too! How do you feel about the program, being that its so new?
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    Quote from smichaud
    Hi all!I also applied for the spring semester! Knh339 i got accepted to Utica accelerated too! How do you feel about the program, being that its so new?
    Congrats!! I'm not positive how I feel about Utica yet- I really liked their application process, with how we each had an admissions counselor who handled everything for us. It made me feel like the program's administration really has it together (which is surprising considering its a new program). My main concerns with Utica are the online classes, and the fact that some of the clinical sites are an hours drive from where I live. The online format could be a great thing (I was drawn to it initially since it would allow me to work part time), but am I really going to be able to work while in an intensive program? And I'm a little bit concerned that it might be harder to pick up on key concepts while learning online. But they did only take 24 of us for the first class so I'm thinking the instructor-student ratio is going to be pretty awesome. I'm hoping NYU will inform us before the tuition deposit deadline for Utica so that I can decide one way or the other!
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    Did anyone apply without submitting letters of recommendation? It says on the website that they are optional to submit. I had asked a doctor that I used to work for to write me one several weeks ago, and he still hasn't gotten it to me. I think at this point it's safe to say that the chances he will have it in time are slim. . I feel like my essay is competitive but without the recommendation I'm worried.
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    Good luck to everyone applying! I'm currently in my last semester in NYU's ABSN program and should finish up in December. Happy to answer any questions about the program that I can, though I'm sure it's changed a bit even from when I started last fall.

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