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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

  1. by   lahhere
    TO PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOT YET BEEN ACCEPTED- I believe today was the deadline for the first batch of students to mail their decisions to NYU. I am expecting another batch will be receiving decision emails soon. Can you guys let me know when you hear form them? I'm assuming it's going to take a couple days.... Keep in touch! Thanks.
  2. by   coffeescrambledeggs
    Hi everyone,

    I am planning on applying to the ABSN program for Fall 2013 admission. Can you guys/gals please take a look at my credentials and tell me what you think my chances are based on your knowledge of your own credentials and whether or not you were accepted/rejected? Thank you!

    Non-science undergraduate degree = 2.78 (from several years ago. I had several very bad semesters + several good semesters)

    Recent prereqs after undergraduate degree:

    H. Anatomy = A
    Physiology = A
    Chemistry = A
    Nutrition = A
    Statistics = B+ <--- from undergraduate degree
    Dev. Psychology = A
    Microbiology = Taking it right now (Currently border line A)

    Health Care Experience
    - Currently 1 and 1/2 years working as care giver and medication tech (full-time) at a LTC facility

    - From years ago: ER volunteer for 1 summer in two hospitals
    - Recent: about 1 year experience in SNF, Surgery, and in a nursing unit.
    - Homeless shelter for a few months about 10 years ago.

    Please take a look and let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks!
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  3. by   NYtoFLRN
    Does your GPA show progress through the semesters (i.e. were your good semesters mixed with the bad, or was it bad bad bad good good good good, etc?). I think that makes a huge difference. It already says something that your pre-req GPA is way higher than your undergrad- perhaps highlight why you think that is on your application (my undergrad GPA was a 2.9 and I made sure to explain why I thought that was as well as how I worked to improve it). I do think you have a chance, more so if your GPA progressively improved after your tough semesters. Given the fact that you still have some time you may want to find an internship or more volunteer work to list to help give you a boost.
  4. by   coffeescrambledeggs

    Thanks for your response. I would say it was mixed. I'll explain:

    1st year: private university - 3.8 gpa
    2nd: transferred to a state university. I had some personal problems and did horrible (about 2.0 gpa for about 3 semesters).
    After that I got my act together and maintained 3.3 or 3.4 or so for about 3 to 4 semesters (enough to be on the dean's list)
    Finally, towards the last year, my grades dipped once again.

    I think that's good advice you gave--talking about it in the application. How much did you talk about it in yours? I want to explain myself but don't want to do so much of it that it becomes the central focus of my personal statement. I don't want to give the wrong impression of sounding like a crybaby and depress the reader. In terms of numbers, how much of this kind of explaining in your personal statement would you roughly say you did? 20% or 1/2 of a page?

    Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!

    PS> I will be filing my application this coming Jan/Feb for Fall admission, so I won't have the time to do an internship.
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  5. by   NYtoFLRN
    No problem! I would say that you should be able to explain your situation- hopefully the last semester dip in grades wasn't too severe.

    I actually didn't mention it in my personal statement- On the actual application itself (we fill out a different application for the ABSN, not the common app that the rest of the university uses) we are asked if we have ever been placed on any sort of probation at a college. I was actually on academic probation following my first semester which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. But regardless, I used that spot on the application to explain that I felt that when I first left for college I was not emotionally mature enough to handle living on my own (I was 17 when I went to college) and I felt that my grades suffered as a result. I utilized school support services (student counseling center, etc) and was able to build a support network and develop a coping system that worked for me, and my grades improved. I chose to focus my personal statement on the future- career goals, motivation, etc rather than dwell on the past. My suggestion would be to find a place on the actual application that you can mention it (if possible) and focus on goals in the personal statement. If that's not possible I wouldn't put in more than a few sentences on it, and perhaps find a way to work it into how your struggle inspired you to work harder toward your goals?
  6. by   CrstnBeach
    I applied on the last day possible, so I'm one of those still waiting to hear!

    For those that are already in - when does registration start? I only need chemistry from NYU so am hoping to do that in the Spring, then start the nursing program in the fall.
  7. by   CrstnBeach
    Got in! Email sent at 8:44 am. Wahoo!
  8. by   lahhere
    @ CrstnBeach- so you didnt apply for the program beginning in january of 2013? You applied to start in fall 2013? do they inform you that early?
  9. by   CrstnBeach
    My hospital will only pay for my tuition if I'm enrolled in a nursing program... so taking pre-reqs without matriculation doesn't count! My Fall 2013 entrance is contingent on my passing the pre-reqs this Spring.
  10. by   lahhere
    oh awesome! congratulations. I am sure you will have no problem with your last pre-req. Personally, this is the pre req I had the most problems with. I have a 4.0 across all pre-reqs and this is in progress. I dont have the "chemistry brain". I went from a 72 on the first test to a 99 on the 2nd but getting a tutor!! at my school theyre available at no cost. I highly recommend it!
  11. by   CrstnBeach
    That's good to know about tutors - I think the good thing about the whole second undergrad experience is that we "get" how much you really do need to pay attention and study and use all available resources. I took Chem in undergrad and did fine, but at 29, I've officially aged out of my original course
  12. by   lahhere
    im 29 also. that sucks!!! it was over 10 years ago?? cause i know thats how long they give you...all of mine were within ten years...thank god! at least youll have the background knowledge...altho i took it senior yr of highschool and got a 99 on the regents and did not remember ANYTHING lol. good luck to you!!
  13. by   ileaRN
    ::sigh:: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.