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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

  1. by   LM NY
    $86,000 is for the accelerated? They make you pay the whole 15 months tuition up front?
  2. by   ssv78
    LM NY you pay per semester, approximately 21000
  3. by   Mindylane
    Is that $86k figure including room & board?
  4. by   ssv78
    the program is about 80000…but not 86000, so maybe they are including room and board?
  5. by   Mindylane
    I thought the program was about $65k, not including room & board?
  6. by   Mindylane
    It's like $21k per semester, so I thought with all the fees and everything, it works out to over $65.
  7. by   NYtoFLRN
    I was under the same impression. I think that ~80k figure included living in a dorm
  8. by   ssv78
    it's 80k, four semesters…
  9. by   yam582
    It's approximately $21,000 per semester and ABSN has total 4 semesters.
  10. by   NYtoFLRN
    Ah gotcha. Oh well, bring on the loans lol.
  11. by   MedSurgRN14
    hey guys, this is the link nyu sent me in regards to tuition costs (it was provided by the spring 2013 transfer critical instructions as part of the admissions folder).

    $86,000 does NOT include room & board.
    2 semesters FT is $43K
    4 semesters FT is $86K
  12. by   marcopolo12
    I got accepted Last week and i'm really excited to move to New York! The only thing I'm worried about finding a place to live :-/ Do we need to be there by January 7th?
  13. by   bleedgangreen21
    marcopolo12 - here are some options

    1. On-campus housing. However, if you are considering dorming, the spring application is due November 30th. If you log into Albert, there should now be a student section added, and you can find the link to Housing on the left if you scroll down

    2. Off-campus housing. If you log into your home.nyu.edu and click on NYU Life tab at the top, you can peruse through their off-campus housing registry...scroll down and it will be on the bottom left

    3. Craigslist

    I don't know about having to be there by January 7th, I thought we started on the 28th?

    Hope this helps