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NYIT Accreditation !! Help Need to make a Decision

  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    Ok so I really need help with this. I'm graduating in a few weeks with a Bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.
    I applied to a bunch of schools but was only accepted into NYIT's nursing program as a transfer student and Nassau Community College's program.

    Nassau's program is really well known and its an honor to be accepted but I eventually want to obtain my master's degree so going to Nassau adds an extra year onto my education( RN to BSN).

    I was accepted into NYIT's nursing program with 96 credits transferring so it would take me at most 2 years to obtain a BSN.

    Logically both are two year programs so it would seem that I should choose the BSN program however according to NYIT's website it says

    "The department is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), and we are currently working toward accreditation by the AACN's Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), a national accreditation agency."

    I spoke with someone from NYIT who said that they applied for accreditation a year ago and if by the time I graduate they aren't accredited then the only problem I would face is the possibility that some master programs may reject me because of it, however when they do get accredited than i might just have to retake a course or two and ill be fine....

    I don't know what to do ... can anyone tell me whose gone through NYIT's program or if they know of any information regarding obtaining a job, continuing education, reputation etc. from a non accredited school?

    thanks so much
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    I know from experience that you're not going to get much information about the NYIT Nursing program in this forum...you'll have to do your research for yourself. Hope this link helps - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/nurse/n...#Baccalaureate
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    Accredited as of May 2011