NYC L&D/Mother-Baby nurses

  1. I'm a nursing student with an interest in OB nursing and I've been in the OB section on this thread a number of times but I just wanted to get a perspective from nurses who work in the city and westchester county area. I know it varies by hospital and some hospitals have bigger maternity units and babies being born then others. but I just wanted to get a little info on:
    1. If you like the unit you're on
    2. The nurse to patient ratio
    3. How your fellow nurses on the unit are.
    4. For m/b nurses: I researched a lot of hospitals on their process and I know most say they encourage rooming-in. Is it the norm at your hospital? 5. Is cross-training allowed/required/encouraged.

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  3. by   RNN09
    Hello Guiltysins!
    I am currently working on a mother baby unit in the nyc area. I do like where I work. I am transfer from nicu. My expirence in the nicu led me to seek employment else where in the hospital. I feel this time around, I felt that my orientation was much better as far as teaching and welcoming of a new staff member/new grad. The census on my unit varies, If its a high acutity nights you can have up to six patients with 6 babies. On the lower acuity nights u can have a min of 3 moms. With mother -baby it varies with the babies, some babies can be in nicu which makes it uneven as far as your mother baby ratio. My fellow nurses for the most part are very willing to help you when you ask for help. As always there always ur few who can be diffcult but when it comes to pt care and safety I feel supported. My hospital does encourage room in. we do explain to pts about the need for assesment and weighing of the baby since its hospital policy and can not be broken. Overall I have not seen a big issue with room in overnight. we dont have cross training to l and d. but a nurse from l and d can float to a mother baby. Mother baby nurses float to other mother baby units or womens med surg. No anteparturm since we are not training on fetal heart monitoring. I hope this explains all of your questions. all the best
  4. by   untamable07
    I'm a L&D nurse in Florida considering a move to NYC. What's the pay for a RN with 2 years L&D and 1 year med-surg experience?
  5. by   nmorrnyit
    I have 18 months exprience on med-surg and 10 months L&D experience. I will be making $74,000 + $6,000 night differential at a hospital in NYC. I actually start this month
  6. by   eilly
    HEY RNN09!!

    You said you were a transfer from NICU. I was wondering how the NICU's are like in NYC... what are the ratios, and how busy are the assignments? What did you think about the people who work in the unit, etc?
    And what are the reputations of the hospitals that you know of?
    It'd be great if you can give me some idea!!

    Thanks =)