NYC DOE program 2013-2014?

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    Hi! I'm about to register for the NYC DOE LPN program for the testing cycle of 2013-2014. Could someone who has graduated or attended the program PLEASE give me some advice? Is this program really worth it? Is this program only 1 year, as C-NET says it is? I'm 20, so I graduated HS only 2 years ago. Will I have a hard time with the entrance exams? How does the employment situation look afterward? Please! I would greatly appreciate any assistance! Thanks so much!
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    So does that mean you have?
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    Sorry just waiting for a reply also
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    I know someone that just graduated though it's definitely worth it she passed her boards on the first try and has already found a job I'm contemplating signing up this year also
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    Did you sign up
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    Not yet. I'm studying for the PNAT and waiting for later registration dates. Have you?
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    Same thing waiting for later dates November 10 is too soon for me
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    I registered for this SundaySunday
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    I just found about the program so I too am interested on how's the testing & what to expect
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    Well I take the test tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes!