NYC DOE program 2013-2014?

  1. Hi! I'm about to register for the NYC DOE LPN program for the testing cycle of 2013-2014. Could someone who has graduated or attended the program PLEASE give me some advice? Is this program really worth it? Is this program only 1 year, as C-NET says it is? I'm 20, so I graduated HS only 2 years ago. Will I have a hard time with the entrance exams? How does the employment situation look afterward? Please! I would greatly appreciate any assistance! Thanks so much!
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  3. by   smartiipants
    So does that mean you have?
  4. by   mrsmussa
    Sorry just waiting for a reply also
  5. by   mrsmussa
    I know someone that just graduated though it's definitely worth it she passed her boards on the first try and has already found a job I'm contemplating signing up this year also
  6. by   mrsmussa
    Did you sign up
  7. by   smartiipants
    Not yet. I'm studying for the PNAT and waiting for later registration dates. Have you?
  8. by   mrsmussa
    Same thing waiting for later dates November 10 is too soon for me
  9. by   smartiipants
    I registered for this SundaySunday
  10. by   ashsoontobeRN
    I just found about the program so I too am interested on how's the testing & what to expect
  11. by   smartiipants
    Well I take the test tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes!
  12. by   mrsmussa
    How was the test smartiipants?
  13. by   smartiipants
    it was okay. I got my test results yesterday and I passed! So now I am registering to take the TEAS. How did it go for you?
  14. by   mrsmussa
    I haven't taken it yet still debating on whether or not to take it