New York RN Licensure Application (Revised 12/11) New York RN Licensure Application (Revised 12/11) | allnurses

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New York RN Licensure Application (Revised 12/11)

  1. 0 The older form of the application required passport photos. On this new form I don't see any place to attach the passport photos. Does this mean they are no longer required? Or should I send one anyway?Also, for question #18 it asks for the schools attended.1) Do we have to fill in the exact date? I only remember the month and year but not the day.2) For high school, I went to 2 different schools. Do I only list the school I graduated from?It says attach additional sheets if necessary. If I should include the other school I attended, do I just type it up from a computer paper, or reprint the exact page and list the school there.Thank you!
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    just put the month and the year. also just put the school where you graduated.
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    thank you!
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    Hi I have a question too and if anyone could answer, I'd be most grateful! For my first name, I have 2 given names. However, they don't fit in the boxes in the form. Can I just write beyond the boxes?
    For ex.
    There are only 10 boxes. If my name is Sarah Jessica Blah Parker:
    Last name: Parker
    First name: Sarah Jessica
    Middle name: Blah

    However Sarah Jessica woudn't fit in 10 boxes.
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    Is the format for the month/date/year in
    A) June/01/2009
    B) 06/01/2009