New York Downtown (Merge with Presbyterian?) Pharm Exam

  1. Hey,

    I'm a slightly seasoned nurse (2 year anniversary this July) and have accepted a job at New York Downtown in the Operating Room. I know that there is a merger with New York Presbyterian and Downtown and therefore Downtown will become it's six campus. (There's not really a lot of information about it online--or I'm googling in the wrong places)

    Anyway, I have had to take a break from Nursing due to a family illness and I feel a little bit rusty in the Pharm department. I'm going in this week to take the Pharmacology exam. I was interviewed and offered the job by a woman who is an NYP Recruiter, but is onsite at Downtown at the moment.

    The woman had told me there were no study guides or materials that were going to be available prior to the exam. I was told it was multiple choice with dosage questions mixed in and that if I failed I'd be able to take it again. (I'd rather not fail)

    I'm curious if anyone has taken the Downtown pharm exam recently? Do you have any suggestions? Should I use the NLN Pharm exam as a study aid?

    Any guidance would be truly appreciated
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  3. by   nycnursey
    Hi, sorry I don't have any information about the pharm exam but I have an interview this week with ny downtown and just wanted to know if you could share some information about the interview process, I would really appreciate it if you could! This is my first interview for a hospital job in the city. I moved upstate seven months ago to get hospital experience and really want to move back home, so I am so excited about this opportunity! I would appreciate any info thanks!
  4. by   DoGoodThenGo
    There has been some news media coverage of NYP taking over Downtown Hospital :

    It remains to be seen what NYP will do with this sixth campus including if New York Downtown will remain in future a full service acute care hospital. It could go the way of Saint Vincent's and Westchester Square, replaced by urgent/walk in care centers.