New Age training?

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    Has anyone ever gone to this school for cna training and/or pct training? Thanx

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    Hi Ladybug09:

    I'm currently attending school there. I love it! The classes are small and intimate and the teachers are pretty good. And, it's centrally located.

    The drawback is that it is VERY eccelerated! But, as long as you can keep up, you'll do fine.

    I've just finished my CNA and taking my boards on 8/13. I'm doing my PCA, Phlebotomy and EKG course at the moment.

    Best of luck with your decision...
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    How long is the cna advanced course?
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    The CNA course is about 6 weeks. However, if you are considering the NAA (Nurse Aide Advanced) course, which includes phlebotomy and EKG, it is an additional 5 weeks...You do an externship at a nursing home during the 6th week of the CNA course.

    I hope that helps....
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    Thanks. I have another question I dont know if anyone can answer this, but i know workforce 1 provides training grants for people to go to school. But i was reading one of the threads from another person and they said they went and they denied her the voucher for the cna program. She said they offer her something in real estate because thats her prior job. Do they go by your your prior experience?
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    Workforce 1 will deny you a voucher for CNA/ NAA training if you have not had any previous experience in the field. In my case, before becoming unemployed (as an Executive Assistant), I was attending classes at a community college for nursing. I had to show them that I had finished my prerequisites and had declared nursing as a major.

    Although, when I attended their grant seminar, they stated that they would also accept time you spent as a volunteer or any type of internship in that profession. However, your advocate will determine if it is a sufficient amount of time or experience.

    I hope that helps....
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    Thanks for the reply, i think its unfair. But you know, am gonna try anyway. Thanks again.
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    hi Jadaw, I know I;m late however did you ever get the voucher from workforce1? Did you go to New Age? LadyBug, are you working now? How was the Phlebotomy and EKG classes? Thanks
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    I finished that school. it was great and the teacher was a real pleasure. I pased all my tests on the first try but as far as it goes to finding a job ... vERY HARD. tHEY TELL U THAT U WILL MAKE 16 dollars from the strat but its all just to get u into the school. After school they didnt really help me with a job . And when i tried to find a job they wanted atleast 6 months of expirience and they paid as little as 12 dollars p/h . dont go for CNA . its noth worth it .
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    How was courses at new age and how are yall job searches going?

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