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  1. Hey everyone. I've posted on here a little while ago and got some good feedback so thank you for that. Since then I have gotten a job and a really sweet apt in NYC and will be moving this weekend. I have some savings but not 100% sure they will last until Feb. 6th when i start work. I am a CNA from before nursing school and wondered if anyone knew if i have to transfer my license and how to do it. Also, what would be a good temp agency for CNAs I worked for one here in CT and had a good exp. and see as i can only work for 1 month i don't want to start a new job. Plus i will be working on taking my NCLEX at the same time so don't want to work full time.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!! Billy
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  3. by   NPAlby
    Uhm, I was a little confused by your post. My brain is a lil out of whack due to my work schedule. Then I read some of your previous posts. So you got a gig but it won't start until Feb? I just started working for MSN (Medical Staffing Network) on a per diem basis and I know they place CNAs. The thing is your cert is from CT that I don't know too much about. It might take that long just to get your NY CNA. i know there is a number for CNAs to call, it's to the board or whoever grants the certification. I remember calling it when I wanted to transfer my military experience into a CNA but they told me I couldn't. Hmm, wish I could be more help but I haven't had to deal with the whole CNA thing in a while.
    On another note, why would you not work full time while studying for the boards. That's what I and everyone I went to school with did. In my case I knew I wanted to do psych but I went directly to an oncology floor after graduation. I was tired when I got home but made myself study for an hour a day. But I think the real reason I kicked ass on the boards was because of that time on the floor. That's where things really started making sense to me. It was a lot better than just reading those test guides and your old notes (which I did as well). Oh, and just out of curiosity: what part of NYC are you moving to?
    Good luck! Let me know if I can be of further help. I'm a native NY'er and still a 'new' (under 3yrs) nurse.
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