Nassau University Medical Center

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    I was wondering if anyone currently works at NUMC. I was called for the pediatric clinic but I am not sure if I want to take the job. I work full time at a doctors office right now and this job is only part time which means no benefits... though the pay is significantly better. I have been hearing rumors that employees their arent happy, and that their are constant layoffs. I am nervous to quit a job I have security in for one that might not be secure. But to do a pediatric clinic would be amazing!!!

    any thoughts? Thanks!!
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    I would not work or be treated at NUMC under any circumstances. I did clinical rotations there OB in fact. Therr was a huge rat on the OB floor one night. Just sayin
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    oh that is so so gross!!! my friends keep telling me to take it so i have a foot in the door - ive been an RN for 1.5 years and never got offered a position in the hospital... but there is something in my gut telling me this place is a dump.. and a rat?! ewwww!! but maybe its worth it to get more hospital experience? do you know if the nurses are treated well?
    oh - and eww a rat! so grosssss!!!
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    I don't know anyone that has worked there. Yes to get hospital expierence would be great! Do 1 or 2 years there and get the hell out. Its pretty "ghetto"!
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    hahaha thank you for the honesty!!! I guess waiting to be officially offered the job is a great first step!
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    They have had layoffs in the past year. If you google it you can see. I would suggest you go to the clinic you are being hired for and see it before you interview. I know the pay at NUMC is not a good as other hospitals.

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