Nassau Community College Fall 2012 Evening Program

  1. Hi everyone,
    I know it's very late, but I just submitted my applications to both the NCC part-time evening program as well as the full-time day program. How long after you submitted your application did you hear back? Also, does anyone know if they'll transfer additional classes that have already been taken, or do they have to be taken with your classmates?

    I am looking forward to speaking with others who are going to either of these programs! I haven't decided if I'm going to stop working and go full-time or if I'm going to go part-time in the evenings.
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  3. by   doubletrouble2
    Have you heard anything back from Nassau yet? I just found out that I was accepted into the evening program ealier this week. Just curious---have you ever been to any of the nursing information sessions at nassau? From what I remember the evening program is full time. Also, I'm pretty sure that they only allow you to apply to either the day or evening program. Applying to both might disqualify you As far as your transfer credits I believe the nursing program accepts all that pertain to your degree as long as you earned a passing grade, but there are time limits on some of the science courses. Good Luck!
  4. by   Mindylane
    LOL, I can't imagine that paying them two times the money for not even having to review two different applications would disqualify me from anything, but the evening program is definitely part-time.
  5. by   doubletrouble2
    Ok. Just trying to answer some of your questions...since you asked. I do attend Nassau full time, I have been to several of the nursing informational sessions, and have friends that are already in the program. Nassau will only consider you for one session--day or evening, regardless of how much money you pay. There is no part-time nursing program. Both day and evening are 4 days a week for just about the same amount of hours. 3 days spent at school, 1 at the hospital. Check out the course registrations on banner and see for yourself.
  6. by   Adi1
    Has anyone been tentitively accepted in the Fall 2012 Nursing program. If there are any one already in the program can he/she give me some headsup on what to expect the day of the interview and how to better prepare myself. I am really counting on the final acceptance. Many thanks.
  7. by   way2go01
    I have been tentatively accepted to NCC nursing program for Fall 2012 and I am so excited. Don't know if I am going to be in the day or evening program. Hoping for the day program. My interview date May 21 @ 9am.
  8. by   Shakiki
    Hi All,

    I have also recieved my acceptance letter for the Fall Evening program back on April 25th. I submitted my application on the first day, so that's probably why I received it so early. My interview is scheduled for May 22nd @ 9am. As far as the interview itself is concerned, there is an old post on here somewhere from back in 2011 where this was discussed. I've read it, but I'm not sure where it is located on the forum. To my understanding, when you go for your interview there is some kind of welcome session where you are informed about dress code, books you will need etc. You also are to take some form of rudimentary vocabulary test where you have to define simple words like temperature. In addition to that, they ask you to write a paragraph or two discussing why you want to become a nurse. Supposedy, during the interview (which is not very long to my understanding), they ask you to expound on what you wrote in your mini essay. After the interview you are advised what your hospital assigment for clinicals will be, and then you are given a slip to take to the registrar so that you may register for your classes. That is what I recall from the post I found on here from 2011. Hope this helps! I'm nervous as well!
  9. by   felicianursetobe
    Hi Doubletrouble2, would you happen to know what the GPA applicant pool was like when you applied? A little nervouse because I was told not to apply if I do not have at least a 3.8 GPA. I'm currently at a 3.68. I will be applying to the nursing program this October for the evening program. Thanks.
  10. by   doubletrouble2
    felicianursetobe, i have no idea what the gpa pool was like, but my gpa was a 3.95 and i had all the pre and co-requisites completed. how many of the co-requisites have you done? i think if you have all (or most) of them done then you should have a pretty good chance of getting in. just one thing to watch out for--they don't always have the evening program available in the spring semester. i wanted to apply in october of 2011 for a january 2012 start but there was no evening program that semester so i had to wait till march to apply for the fall sememster :-(. best of luck!!!
  11. by   Adi1
    way2go01, congrats and please let me know how you interview went as well as the process. Also what documents we should bring with us. I have my interview on the 22nd. thank you in advance and congrats again. Good luck
  12. by   felicianursetobe
    Doubletrouble2, wow a 3.95? That is awesome!!! I have taken mostly everything including electives, just missing AP 2, which I'm registered for this fall and micro I'm going to try for spring 2013. And I did not know that Nassau sometimes does not offer evening program for spring. That stinks. Goodluck with everything, I'm sure you will do excellent!

    FYI: if anyone is interested in a 3 year bachelor program, they are going to offer this at Farmingdale starting Jan 2013. Only problem is that Farmingdale does not offfer an Evening program, so its a no go for me.
  13. by   felicianursetobe
    Adi, Did you apply for day or evening?
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  14. by   Adi1
    felicianursetobe, I believe on my application I put both day and evening, so I am not sure which program I was tentitively accepted in. I am hoping and praying its the day however at this point and time I will be happy to take any of the seats. If I am accepted in the day I will like to be in the C block. I will find out on Tuesday 22nd.