MSN to PHD in nursing thinking about moving......

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    I am currently in a MSN to PHD in Nursing. However I am unsatisfied with the school and the program. New york is very expensive and I am having a hard time with paying for school and rent etc. Despite having my masters degree NEW YORK, NY. is very expensive as some of you probably know. I am not married so i am kinda on my own here. Does anyone know of any good spots in NY to move that would be cheaper? Also I could use some input if anyone is doing their MSN to PHD and how that program is going for them. Thanks..
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    Where are you currently living? And, are you planning in staying in your program? If so, you need to consider the commute to and from school. There is a lot of public transportation in the greater NY and Long Island area, so you have a few options. I'll be starting my PhD In the fall, but it's not an MSN-PhD, so I know it's not my school

    If you want you can PM me, if you don't want to reveal specifics.