Mount Sinai Medical Center

  1. Hello
    Does anyone works/worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC?
    I just got an offer from there and would like some feedbacks, infos, recommendations, etc.
    Please feel free to let me know anything about Sinai.
    Also, do you know how difficult the pharm test was?
    Is it just med dosage calculation test or the actual pharm test??
    Thanks bunch ))))
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  3. by   CalypsoRN
    I was looking at that hospital myself. I am about to graduate (Currently in Boston ) in a couple of weeks and move back home to NYC to be with family and I was wondering as to what hospitals in NYC I should look at, that will hire associate degrees
  4. by   freegirl
    I am also interested in that hospital. I have been looking for information both online and talking to people. People familiar with the hospital said the environment is okay, just that they have staffing issues which I think is common in all the hospitals. Also lately, they have had negative issues such as a fire outbreak at the hospital and pending lawsuits.

    Online, I saw this:
    NEW YORK , Feb 22, 2008-More than 400 registered nurses from Mount Sinai Hospital took part in informational picketing on a chilly Feb. 21, to fight for better working conditions.
    Mount Sinai RNs have been trying through contract negotiations to solve staffing problems by improving the hospital's ability to recruit and retain nurses, such as an increase in longevity pay. But management has continued to demand givebacks that will make staffing worse, including:
    Requiring RNs to be out of work for more than eight days before they can claim sick time. If they're sick for less than eight days, the nurses would have to use their personal time. Management also wants to require nurses to make up on weekends any time they've missed while sick.
    Eroding seniority rights, starting with granting priority for vacation time. Management also wants to limit when this vacation time can be used. The nurses believe this discriminates against experienced nurses and is intended to undermine the strength of the nurses' union.
    Offering salary increases of 2%, which is not only below inflation, but below the average annual increase earned by RNs at other Manhattan medical centers. Anything higher would be subject to pay-for-performance standards that would be determined solely by management.
    Current short staffing problems are evidence that Mount Sinai is simply not doing enough to hold onto its nurses We're all are trying to make their work environment better, but cuts like these will just drive good nurses away.
  5. by   allendale
    Now, I am really freaking out especially being a new grad
    Hopefully, I will survive for the time being and move on from there.
    Any info about med calculation & pharm test???
  6. by   freegirl
    No, have no idea about the their pharm test. If you get in and start working, please let us know how the hospital is as no one knows much about the place.
  7. by   elizabells
    I work with a girl who started as a new grad and left within a few months. She said it was due to management on her specific unit.
  8. by   CalypsoRN
    Thanks that info really does make a difference! Nurses should be rewarded in order to be retained, that is the easiest way to keep them.Thanks again will keep digging:yeahthat:
  9. by   bruinlaura
    I've worked at Sinai for the past year on a CSICU stepdown. I can't really say anything about the other units but you can PM me about mine if you'd like. Like every hospital some units are duds and some are great.

    The picketing was done during the contract negotiations. We just voted to approve the contract last week so no more picketing. The sick pay thing mentioned is 1 option so you can do the traditional thing if you want. it's really complicated to explain how it works so i'd rather not. it also doesn't start until 2009. pay increases of 3%/year starting now.
  10. by   mcs293
    Im an RN with a BSN. Im currently job hunting for my first nursing job. I applied to Mount Sinai (which is my first option) almost one month ago and Ive heard nothing back. Can you please tell me how did you applied and how much you waited to be called back? How qualified were you for the position? Thank you so much.
  11. by   Munch
    I have never worked at Mount Sinai hospital in NY but I have been a patient a few times and I have nothing but good things to say about the hospital. Of course being a patient there and working there are two totally different things. Just be prepared if you are going to apply for an ED nursing position be prepared to be overworked. The ED is always PACKED and I have waited 5 hours alone in the ED to see a doctor for Neurosurgery would think I would be at the top of the list considering MANY deadly complications can arise due to the brain. On the other hand the NSICU/Neurosurgery/Med-Surg floors I have talked to the nurses while being inpatient and they have nothing but great things to say about it. Other great New York City hospitals are St Lukes-Roosevelt and Lenox Hill Hospital. Heard nothing but great things about the staff at those hospitals.
  12. by   Dixie9
    I worked for 2 years at Mt. Sinai NY 15 years ago in the psych dept. also doing
    extra shifts on post natal. I thought that it was a great hospital to work for and
    enjoyed the shifts. In fact , would love to work there again, have been applying
    for positions online, with no success....good luck.
  13. by   newgradnurse21
    Hey does anyone know how long it takes after you get a hiring packet for them to give you a start date? I got a hiring packet and transferred my license to NY but I just want to know when they will let me know when I will start? How long is that process on average?