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Hello:) Does anyone works/worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC? I just got an offer from there and would like some feedbacks, infos, recommendations, etc. Please feel free to let me know anything about Sinai. Also, do... Read More

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    I worked for 2 years at Mt. Sinai NY 15 years ago in the psych dept. also doing
    extra shifts on post natal. I thought that it was a great hospital to work for and
    enjoyed the shifts. In fact , would love to work there again, have been applying
    for positions online, with no success....good luck.

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    Hey does anyone know how long it takes after you get a hiring packet for them to give you a start date? I got a hiring packet and transferred my license to NY but I just want to know when they will let me know when I will start? How long is that process on average?

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