Monroe College Winter 2013 Nursing

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    Anyone out there that applied to the Monroe College 2013 Nursing LPN Program ?

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    Quote from kjon
    Anyone out there that applied to the Monroe College 2013 Nursing LPN Program ?
    i actually applied and waiting for the interview, have you completed the interview yet?
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    Do they offer the pre requisites there or do you have to take them elsewhere. I'm interested in bridging over to RN but my school isn't credit based. We don't take BIO or CHEM. any info would be greatly appreciated :-)
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    Yes, I had my interview about 2 weeks ago.
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    Yes they do, I am currently a nursing student.. Its a nursing school within the college so the prereqs are offered. Unlike schools who are the "School of Nursing", which wont"
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    Any advice for future nursing students??
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    So their LPN program starts inWinter 2013? Im asking because i'm in the process right now with Mildred Elley's Evening LPN program, I just need to take their CNET exam and I will find out if I'm accepted into the January 2013 Evening LPN Program or not.
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    Hello all,
    I am a lpn(8 years) that has been accepted in the monroe college nursing program. I just finished my 1st semester and have 2 more to go. I have to say that I am very impressed with the program as of yet. They have just the right amount of "really hard" professors with "easy going" professors to balance things out. My grade point average was 3.9 and that with taking 3 nursing courses at once in the first semester. Its really a smooth and professional run program. Im am excited because the bsn program is to start within 2013. so it will be lpn-rn-bsn( can be completed in 3 years). I am noticing that no hospitals in nyc will hire associate degree rn's fresh out of school nursing homes which was always easy to find a job is not hiring fresh out of school lpn's or rn. if any more questions about Monroe, please ask.
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    I am in the rn program and my friend is currently in the lpn program. Its a great program. any specific questions?
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    Sojourn, im currently in bmcc (liberal arts) to my understanding after completing my pre reqs i would b transfered into the rn program. Well it isnt so easy ur competing w others who hold 4.0 while im holdn nothing compared to that. Ive heard of the monroe lpn to rn, r u guaranteed a seat into the rn program upon finishn the lpn program. Would it be cheaper to attend monroe or go to a school thats offers the bsn?

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