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Hey everybody, Just trying to see if anyone on here has applied to Molloy for the upcoming Fall semester. Has anybody heard when letters are going out? I think I have pretty decent grades but you... Read More

  1. by   Dollface4k6
    Hey Nynurse
    Congrats on your acceptance!!! I actually still haven't heard anything yet! When did you find out that you were accepted and how =) was it email, mail or phone? I'm excited to start hearing decisions!
  2. by   Dollface4k6
    I just noticed earlier in the thread that you mentioned you applied for the BSN and not the dual degree program, which would be why I havent heard anything yet! They told me that the DDP acceptances go out last, after the BSN, but this means I will be hearing something sooner rather than later! Ah!! I'm so excited for you! Congrats!
  3. by   nynurse1232b
    Thanks!!! It's so great just to finally see all your hard work pay off!

    What's weird is that I called them because I was wondering when I would be finding out and the woman at admissions said I would hear back till about a month or so. Looked in the mailbox the next week and lucky me there was a big envelope from Molloy, always a good sign! That was probably last thursday or friday I think, very recent.

    Do DDP students take the same courses as regular BSN students or do they have a bit less to complete?
    Good luck, hoping you get in!!
  4. by   Dollface4k6
    i think because ddp students already have bachelor's degrees, they probably just have to take less 'core' classes and i know the program is structured a bit different. there are summer semesters and such. im not sure if the bsn includes summer semesters. i'm so happy you've finally found some peace. was molloy your first choice? it would be quite a commute for me so i was hoping for an option a little closer, but molloy has a great reputation, i wish they were closer.
  5. by   nynurse1232b
    It would be a trip heading out to Nassau, I'm right next to Sccc so if sbu doesnt work out molloy is where I'm headed. I'm still considering commuting, dorming, or finding an apartment. After hearing back from sbu and scc I can finally pick where I'll be headed and if I have classes mon-fri that will change some things too
  6. by   Dollface4k6
    there are so many what ifs! it will all become easier once we are informed of decisions! everyday that passes leads us closer to knowing! ah!!
  7. by   nynurse1232b
    Has anyone that was accepted taken the math and reading tests? How hard were they, any pointers?
  8. by   Dollface4k6
    Finally got my acceptance.....with a scholarship! I was pleased to hear the news, but won't be attending school at Molloy. SBU is still my #1 choice (and the only school who hasn't made a decision) but I was also accepted to Farmingdale, so if I am rejected from SBU, off to Farmingdale I go! Congrats to everyone who was accepted!
  9. by   nynurse1232b
    I'm in the same boat as you Dollface, Molloy is really expensive! If Stony Brook doesn't work out I'll be headed to Suffolk and receive my bsn somewhere else
  10. by   EP10
    Quote from nynurse1232b
    Has anyone that was accepted taken the math and reading tests? How hard were they, any pointers?
    I can only speak for the math screening test since I only took that one. If you are good at math then it should be no problem. If you're like me and you are awful in math, then you will probably fail the screening exam and have to take a remedial course. The course was easy, everything was broken up and explained.. Then you take a test again after the remedial course and if you pass, you are opened up to take nursing courses.