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License reciprocity in other states?

  1. 0 I'm sure we all know the job situation in the LI/NYC area is pretty bleak.
    I've been hearing from a lot of people that they're having to relocate to get a job. I'm definitely not willing to relocate, but I'm definitely willing to commute.
    Has anyone with a NYS license gotten licenses in other states around here (NJ, MA, PA, etc.)?
    How much was it to get licenses in these states and how long did it take for these states to issue your license?

    Also, if anyone has some advice on how to actually get an interview (applied to around 100 positions, haven't gotten a single interview), I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom. And also maybe a little pep talk, getting pretty down :/
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    Procedure to endorse license from one state to another will be on the state BON website. Fees should also be listed there