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Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?... Read More

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    Hey guys. I took the NLN this Jue and am pretty bummed about it. I got a score of 123. I did miserably in English and Math but was surprisingly in the 91st percentile for Science. I have an A minus in Sci 25 and Bio 11, An A in English 2 and Bio 12, and A + in both Psych 100 and 32. My Sociology and English 1 grades transferred over from Hunter and I believe they were both B's. I have an overall GPA of 3.933 and although an A- is the lowest grade I've gotten at Kingsborough, I am stressed about getting into Nursing. How did everyone else do?

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    Quote from Samantha02
    From previous posts I have read on here last year around this time students were receiving their acceptance letters around JUL 14... Good luck everyone!
    I saw the same thing. Hopefully we will get something this week. I also went to the nursing department a few days ago and they said that the grades didn't come in yet and that some of the staff is still on vacation. I asked if the school switching from esims to cuny first would have an affect on when we receive our letters and they said no. Hopefully we'll get something soon.
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    I got my letter of admission to the pre-clinical component last week, but that's probably on a different schedule from you guys.
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    My heart jumped when I read the beginning of your post. Then I saw "pre-clinical" and it crashed right back down. What a tease lol. Anyway congratulations and don't take any s*** from Sci 25.
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    Have you guys been checking degree audit and transcripts on esims?
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    I've been checking my degree audit but it still says undeclared health nursing
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    Nothing from esims would change, it's no longer working. We have to wait until Cuny First is up. Check your Kbcc email, it should give you a date of when it should be okay to log onto cuny first. Mines said the 16th, I don't know if it is different for others.
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    Thanks NYSubi yes the 16th i just checked
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    Anytime Samantha. I read the post from last year. It looks like they received their acceptance around the 14-15th. I have a class on Thursday, I'll drop by the department to see if there is any news. I'll keep you guys posted
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    I wasn't able to make it on Thursday but I called today and no one answered. I hate playing the waiting game. I just want to know already :-/

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