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  1. 0 Hey everyone! I just passed the TEA's exam at the Jefferson County NY BOCES in Watertown, NY. My interview is on Thursday. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to what to expect from this interview. The letter says we'll discuss tuition, schedule, and any questions I have. I happen to think there will be more to it.

    BTW, I'm STOKED!
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    Hi I have not had my interview yet, so I cannot tell you what to expect but I have also passed the TEAS We could be classmates this Fall.
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    Quote from jcarney113
    Hi I have not had my interview yet, so I cannot tell you what to expect but I have also passed the TEAS We could be classmates this Fall.

    That's awesome!! My interview was simple - I went in, the director explained the course/tuition/responsibilities. I left knowing I'll start in the Fall. Received my acceptance letter the day after my interview and started the financial aid process!

    Good luck!!! I hope we're classmates in the Fall

    My name is Amanda!
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    That is awesome! That makes me feel a little bit better about it. I was really getting nervous because my interview is tomorrow. Whew! I'm going out today to get something to wear to it and maybe get my hair cut. I'm stoked!! I'm glad it was a simple interview and not too extensive.

    Hope to see you in the fall as well My name is Jen. You can add me to FB if you have link is.... The profile pic is of my hubby so you don't get all weirded out... lol
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    Awesome, Jen! I'll add you on Facebook! It'll be awesome to know someone to start this adventure with =) Are you stationed at Fort Drum or are you just from the area?
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    We are stationed here at Drum for the time being. We bought a house in Carthage.
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    Hello. My husband just received orders to Fort Drum and I was curious about the LPN program your are talking about. I have applied for one in VA since we did not know where my husband would be going and I planned on living with my mom just to attend LPN schooling. My questions are, what is/was the deadline for the upcoming LPN class? What is the TEAS required TEAS score and are they using TEAS V or the older versions? Any insight would be extremely helpful. Thanks
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    Hey everyone I'm bout too take the entrance exam me and my husband only been here for five months and I was wondering how hard is the entrance exam I really want too get in and I just want too make sure I'm 100% ready and pass
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    Looking for anyone in/completed/or applied to this program- I've submitted my app and now I'm just waiting. All 67 days that is-- so nervous. My hubs is military and I was just accepted at my last school for their program (just waiting on a seat) but unfortunately duty called. There's a lot riding on this for me and I'm so nervous-- hoping to get some input from anyone- I guess bc it is such a small program I'm not able to find a lot?? Help. Any info would be appreciated. We just moved here within the month and I know no one and nothing abt the school so everything is new. Thanks and good luck to all of you!
    (Jefferson community college- Watertown NY)