Is getting a ADN worth it in NYC at this time?

  1. i am a 32 -soon to be 33 year old woman who is looking to pursue a career in nursing. i live in brooklyn and am looking at completing the pre -requisites at a community college starting this fall. this is where it becomes a bit confusing. it seems that getting a bsn is the way to go in nyc because the job market is so competitive so i'm looking into the accelerated bsn programs (suny downstate and hunter). however, my gpa from my prior ba degree (i double majored and minored) is around 3.4 and i've always been an a-/b student in sciences in high school. it seems that i have to have 4.0 gpa and as in all pre requisites to get into these accelerated nursing programs? is this the case? do i stand a chance of getting into suny downstate at all?

    ideally i would love to do an associates degree and find a job and then complete part time courses to get my bsn, but all the job offers on indeed call for a bsn or masters. would i just be wasting 2 years? the thing is i don't really have a lot of time and resources at the moment and i was hoping to have a baby by next summer. please help
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  3. by   NYCRN16
    Since you probably have most of the classes other than the sciences, I bet if you compare programs the amount of time it would take to finish an ADN program vs a BSN program is the same.

    I know most hospitals now want BSN for new grads, so I would go that route. There is also Hunter College in the city that you can get your BSN at that isn't as expensive as the private schools.
  4. by   RNBean
    I know this post is a bit old, but I figured I'd still chime in. I highly recommend going with a BSN program. I have an ADN and a bachelor's in another field and am finding it impossible to get into a hospital even though I have been a RN for about a year now. In the fall I will begin SUNY Delhi's RN-BSN program which is completely online. Since you hold a bachelors the accelerated program is the way to go, but yes getting in is competitive. I had actually applied to Downstate for their accelerated program after my first semester in nursing school and was wait listed even though my pre-requisite gpa was a 4.0. They actually did call me for the program but I had scheduled major surgery thinking I wouldn't get in, I didn't feel I'd be well enough to start the intensive program and turned it down and returned to the community college the following semester to complete my ADN. I really regret it now. Best of luck whatever you decide, hope the job market is a bit better by the time you finish up!