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Hi Everyone, I have an interview with New York Presbyterian Cornell in a week. I am also a new grad. In preparation for the interview, I have researched some behavioral questions that may be asked. BUT as a new grad, I do... Read More

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    Whatever you do, don't work in their oncology unit. The managers and staff there are nightmares! Friends have told me. Nobody stays there. After a year, everyone leaves. They eat the young.

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    Can't remember all of them, but my nursing prof taught the behavioral questions asked in an nursing interview were around the personality traits called the 5 C's

    • compassion
    • communication
    • care
    • conflict resolution
    • calmness

    Tell me about a time the most uncooperative patient you have had to deal with. How did you handle it.(to assess communication and conflict resolution)

    Our hospital serves a very diverse population. How have you prepared yourself to deal with patients from various backgrounds?

    Suppose you learned that your fellow LPN was taking shortcuts and that a prescribed plan of care was not being followed for a patient. How would you handle this?
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