Hunter College GPA and NLN exam scores - page 3

Hello everyone. I'm new to I just wanted to know, for the people in Hunter's nursing program, can you please share your GPA and NLN scores for a guideline to compare what scores are... Read More

  1. by   futureRN26
    Quote from Fredster
    Hey guys just took the test, I have a 3.8 gpa at hunter and scored a 138 on the exam. For those student accepted, what are my chances of getting into the new generic program?
    Hey I have a 3.8 and I am retaking my nln in a few weeks I am trying to get a 130 and better what helped you achieve a high score?
  2. by   xHoneyBunny
    Hey all. I took my exam today and scored 150. My gpa is 3.92