Hunter Accelerated Fall 2013 New Pre-reqs!!!!?!!! Hunter Accelerated Fall 2013 New Pre-reqs!!!!?!!! | allnurses

Hunter Accelerated Fall 2013 New Pre-reqs!!!!?!!!

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I just came on allnurses to vent basically. I had been planning on applying to Hunter's Accelerated program for this fall. I had checked their website lately but looked in early January when getting ready to submit my application and they added 2 new Pre reqs!! Nutrition and genetics. And you can still only have 2 classes ongoing in the spring semester while applying. So now I can't apply because I am already taking microbio and developmental psych. I am really angry because I spent the last year taking Pre reqs to be ready for hunter in 2013. Now applying to NYU and pace. Anyone else in this situation???
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    *had not checked website lately(Thought I was familiar with their requirements!!)
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    Hi- I was very mad about the new pre-reqs. I ended up taking the classes online in the January winter session so was still able to apply.

    I'm wondering if the applicant pool will be a lot smaller this year Because of the new prereqs. I'm going to the info session on friday in hopes of finding out some more about this years applicants.
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    They seem to have recently removed the "only 2 ongoing pre-reqs" requirement! *whew*
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    Update: I went to today's info session and they still seem to only want you to have two outstanding pre-reqs. Ugh.