Help finding a school offering CNA classes?

  1. I want to go back to school to get my CNA certificate, but I'm having trouble finding a school that is offering such a class. I live in Columbia County, NY, but would consider going elsewhere to receive training. Can anyone offer any schools that may be in my area??
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  3. by   sassygirl
    I am in WI and looking for the CNA classes too, if you find out where to go drop me a line!!!

  4. by   PBAJS
    Hello stilwtr, welcome to allnurses.

    I don't live in NY. I have been reading posts here ... It appears that in addition to schools you might also be able to get CNA training at hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

    I did a search around the internet for you and did find - STATE NURSE AIDE TRAINING PROGRAM CONTACTS: New York Department of Health, Bureau of Professional Credentialing, Office of Continuing Care, 61 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY 12054 518-478-1060

    Give them a call, perhaps they can help you.

    Let us, or more importantly other New Yorkers, know how you found a class.

  5. by   stilwtr
    Thank you for looking that up for me. I was thinking of checking with our local hospital, but wasnt sure if most hospitals offer training or not. There are a couple of nursing homes in the area, but you have to work there for a certain time after certification, and I would rather work in a hospital. Do most hospitals offer training to new employees? Thank you again.