Help! Does anyone work at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases? Help! Does anyone work at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases? - pg.2 | allnurses

Help! Does anyone work at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases? - page 2

Hi ! I have an upcoming appointment with NYU HJD and was told to take a pharmacology test. Has anyone taken this before? Can you please tell me what it will consist of? Was it hard? and also, what... Read More

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    Hi FreestylePete,

    I know this post is really old, but I was wondering how the exam went? I have to take the test on Monday and I don't know what to expect.

    Please let me know!
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    Hey How did it go? I'm a new grad and is planning to take the pharm test as well. Any advice is appreciated
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    Hi! I know this post is old but I'm hoping you'll still see it! How is the pharm test like? Is it something I need to study for? Or is it basic pharm knowledge? I just had my initial interview and they'll be calling back in a few weeks because interviews are still ongoing. So I guess thats when I'll be taking the test. And if you fail, do they not hire you? lol thanks so much
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    Hey! I didn't take the pharm test either but was wondering how your interview went? :-)
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    How did it all turn out. I am most curious. jrm
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    Dec 3 '15
    Hello, I know this is a late respond, but I know people are nervous about the pharm test at NYU Hospital. Do not panic, it is not that difficult at first, second, you can retake it one time. I am RN OR and almost never touch and administer meds. So last time I dealt with them it was may 2013 at Nursing school. I was called fro the interview in 2 days and I saw that I have to take a test. I panic and wanted to reschedule the test, but was said to come for the interview anyway. I took a breast and came. The result ... I passed it from the first attempt. So, if you are strong in mathematic and calculation of drugs and you know a little bit about medications, then you are safe.
    Also I saw, some people are wondering if it will lead to hiring. I would say the passing score itself means nothing. Only after meeting with a manager and after being selected by a manger you will be hiring.
    So, I hope this comment helps to future nurses. Good luck!