Have any of you just taken the NLN exam in January 2013 for KBCC nursing program?

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    Hey Guys,

    Have any of you just taken NLN exam this January 2013 for Kingsborough Community college? How did you guys do?

    I am freaking nervous now. Cannot fall asleep at night,lol

    I know there are a few ppl got 150. Do you guys have any idea that what the average composite score is to get in?
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    Hey I did on the 8th.. I got a 125, how about you? How did you do in sci 25?
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    I got an A in science 25.

    Do you know how this website works? I dont get any alert when you relied me or left a comment.
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    Hey guys! How much is the program including prerequisites? I can't find anything on their website. Thanks!
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    You mean the tuition? I think you can find it from its website under tuition. I think it is about $2000 for for full time one semester, and you can have summer and winter classes free if you do full time in spring and fall semesters.
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    what is a decent score to get in the program?
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    did anyone get notice of acceptance yet?
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    I think a 120 or better, letters go out in 2-3 weeks!
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    How many people took the nln exam?? did the ppl that took it in January find out if they got accepted yet??
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    The students that took the exam in January did find out if they were accepted and started the first semester in the spring. I knew a few people who started in spring.