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    I have been applying at hospitals for about 1 month. I am a new grad and finished in August 2012. I was the first of my class to take and pass nclex. I have my license, a 3.8GPA, tons of great clinical experience at great hospitals and previous hospital experience as a lab tech. Why have I not gotten any responses yet? A few of my friends who grad in May said be patient but this sucks. I am so bored since school has ended. I want to begin working so I can start saving money for an apartment and paying off my loans! Does anyone have some encouraging words? Thanks! (applied to mt sinai, WMC, monte and st johns)

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    It just takes time. There are a lot of new grads all competing for the same positions. My hospital on Long Island just hired many new, (very young) nurses. Most of them had been looking for months. Just hang in there

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