Had 2 interviews at Hospital, need advice

  1. Hi all,

    I recently had 3 interviews at a hospital in NY (NYP) One interview was with HR and another was with the director. Recently, I had another interview with 2 staff personal. I asked them what comes next, and they said the director will say yes or no and then HR will give you a call. Now, I'm really nervous, the interview went well, but how long should i wait before giving them a call back? How long does HR typically take?

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  3. by   QBoroRN
    I would give it at least a week for them to get back to you. In the mean time, I would advise sending thank you notes to the interviewers. Good luck
  4. by   herowneulogy
    Hold on, 2 staff personnel, as in 2 nurses, sat down and interviewed you? I'm assuming these are nurses from the unit you're applying to. I'm a new grad, have not had a job interview as yet, but can someone tell me if this is a common practice? Wouldn't this introduce some sort of bias by having the staff personnel pick who they "think" would fit in amongst their clique? I've only heard of interviews with the nurse recruiter/human resources personnel, charge nurse, nurse manager, director of nursing, and possibly the hospital administrator.
  5. by   RN0001
    Hi herowneulogy,

    I had a second interview with another director and a staff nurse. I felt the interview went well. I feel this is common practice in regards to a nurse recruiter then director interviewing you.

    Take care.

    Hi QBoroRN,

    Thank you for the advice. I did send thank you notes the same day of the interview. Hope it just goes well and I hope I get the job. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for your advice

    Take care.
  6. by   andreahan_rn
    when i had graduated i never had any interviews with staff. Usually meet with recruiter, director and sometimes nurse manager. usually interact with the staff when i see the unit but maybe its a good idea to have fellow nurses interview?
  7. by   herowneulogy
    Is the OP a new grad RN?
  8. by   mookyjoe
    The one interview I had as a new grad was at a LTC facility and I interviewed with the hospital administrator, DON, and Nurse Manager. The DON said I interviewed, but I'm not naive or an idiot so I don't know who they've been interviewing. They asked corny questions like explain a time when your jobs required you to be flexible nursing or not nursing-wise, and tell me how many patients you can handle with only one CNA dedicated to the same pts as you, and the last one was something about how do you feel about coming in on-call?
  9. by   mookyjoe
    My interviewed at a LTC facility with the DON, Nurse Manager, and facility administrator. They asked questions like tell me about a time when you were required to be flexible and how you responded, tell me how many patients you can handle with one CNA dedicated to the same pts as you, and how do you feel about being on-call. They said I interviewed well and although I didn't take the position I interviewed for, they offered me another job I didn't even know about, they liked me so much. Now I'm just weighing the pros and cons of being a mother of three, married, and having to work five 8's from 2p-10p, which means I wouldn't eat dinner with my family all week long. The shifts wonderful in terms of hours and time, but missing my family after I've been home so much will be hard. I so wanted 2 or 3 12's so I didn't have to miss so much with the family!
  10. by   vlh2001
    hey rn0001, just wanted to know if you ever got the position!