Good NCLEX review center in New York?

  1. I just got a mail saying I am eligible to take my NCLEX exam. Now I'm looking for a good review center that could help me. I searched google it give me kaplan hurst and feuer. Reviews are good for a week. Is there any review center that would last for a month or so?

    Beside that three review center can you guys suggest other review center? I prefer a live class not online.
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  3. by   Romans 8:28
    I know of someone who reviewed with Ready To Pass and she passed with 75q. You can look up the company online. If I am not mistaken, it is located in Long Island.
  4. by   3Triages
    Hi there!,
    I enrolled with Ready to Pass last year. They are a God sent. I took the NCLEX 2 months later and passed on 83 questions. I felt confident entering and leaving the examination room. They have a 5 week course which I would recommend. You learn the material a lot better. The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable. There are 2 instructors who teach the class. They are very patient and helpful. There is also a 5 day course. Here is their information:

    Ready to Pass
    300 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite 120
    West Hempstead, NY 11552
    Ready to Pass - NCLEX Review Courses

    Hope this helps. Good luck :-)
  5. by   mommyof2Tees
    FEUER Nclex Review

    Feuer Nursing Review
  6. by   RNBean
    My school paid for our class to take the Kaplan course; I personally thought the class was a waste of time, but the kaplan test bank was worth its weight in gold. And since my access to the test bank ended before I was taking the NCLEX a friend told me you could call and extend your access for no additional cost and she was right. The text bank mirrored the exam in my opinion, I passed on the first try in 75 questions and the test took me maybe an hour... Good luck!!
  7. by   987!
    I took the NCLEX and passed first time with 75 questions. :

    I did hurst online review. I honestly feel if it was not for Hurst I dont think I would have passed, or atleast not in 75 questions. Hurst gives a great CONTENT review. The best part was the way the review was presented. Everything was very simple and easy to remember. I DEFINATELY recommend it- plus they have a money back guarantee if you don't pass. You can take the classes online or in a classroom but if you need to brush up on content, i HIGHLY recommend it.
  8. by   Kem215
    Our school paid for us (or charged us in our fees ) to take a class through ATI and Kaplan. Kaplan was far superior!! Last years class had a 99% first time pass rate with Kaplan. We went to the Kaplan midtown center in Manhattan. If you are near there or can travel there, ask for Prof. * for your instructor. She's fabulous and her plan that she maps out for you works! I passed in 75 questions and all of my friends did as well. Good luck!
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  9. by   987!
    Do HURST online. It is so amazing I cant even tell you. Passed my NCLEX in 75 questions. They have a money back guarantee in case u are skeptical. Everything I saw on the NCLEX i learned from hurst. Trust me, well worth it
  10. by   Jaypatel
    Quote from mommyof2Tees
    FEUER Nclex Review

    Feuer Nursing Review
    They have only 5 days live classes..
  11. by   mommyof2Tees
    Jaypatel - this is an old post. But you can also buy FEUER's CD's which are also amazing! You can play them over and over as much as you need them.
  12. by   styl1shboo
    Hi, can anyone please suggest a good NCLEX REVIEW CENTER? I'm about to take my NCLEX on February and I want to take a live class before tht. I'm currently doing the UWORLD online review. Please share your opinions! Thank you.