Getting into Nassau Community College Nursing Program

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    Hey everyone! I had a 4.0 average including English1, Psych, and stats until I took A&P I which I got a C+ in which brought my GPA down to a 3.86. I am taking A&P two in the second summer session and I know I will get an A in that because I am cutting down on work hours and I have no choice but to bust my behind to get that A. I am wondering if I should re-take the Anatomy and Physiology I bringing my GPA back up to a 4.0 if I get the A or apply with a 3.86 GPA. People are saying that I am a guy so I have a better chance at getting in but what if that is not the case? If any of you could give me feedback that would be great. If there are any guys who got into the program, I would appreciate if you could let me know what GPA and prerequisites got you in! Your honesty and help is appreciated. If it is best not to take the class it will save about 500 dollars! Also do you think that they take into consideration that I got an A in BIO 109 although it is not a prerequisite?

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    CORRECTION...If I get an A in A&P II then I would be applying to the nursing program with a 3.87 (doesn't make that big of a difference)
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    Hey - I just got accepted into NCC for Fall and there were some people there who got in with a 3.75GPA so If you applied I think you would be fine. They base who they accept off of a point system. Do you live in Nassau? Are you currently a Nassau student? I think a 3.86 is VERY good, and in my opinion you shouldnt have a problem getting in.
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    no..I am a suffolk county resident
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    You will lose "points" for being a suffolk student and not a nassau student...but I wasnt a nassau resident either I'm from Queens.
    The more pre-reqs you have the better chance you have of getting in.
    Even though I live in Queens and did have a 4.0 I still need Sociology, Lifespan Development, and an elective.
    You still have a strong GPA even though its not 4/0 so I would still give it a shot
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    Would you happen to know how that point system works? I've heard different things about that. Thank-you for replying to my posts by the way. I really appreciate it!
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    They only consider you if your GPA is 3.5 or above
    The point system works as follows (This is what I was told from a friend):
    If you Total GPA for nursing pre-req is Between:
    3.75 - 4.0 you get 8 points
    3.50 - 3.75 you get 6 points
    Nassau County Resident gets extra points
    15+ Credits taken at Nassau Community you get 1 point
    I had a 4.0 GPA and no not live in Nassau County so if the point system is currect I only had 8 points
    You should call the school though to double check...if you need their number let me know.
    I believe that if alot of people have the same amount of points then they look at the highest GPAs first.
    When I called I was concerned because I had heard even if you have a high GPA but don't live in Nassau then there is a very slim chance of getting in, but I then spoke with one of the admissions people at Nassau and she told me that being my GPA was so high that me living in Queens will not be a big deal.
    Your GPA is really good....when were you planning on applying for? You know they have not only Fall semesters for New Students but they accept nerw students for spring as well
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    I know one of their big considerations is also how many pre-reqs you have done.
    For example is you have a 4.0 but still need to take 4 pre-reqs, and another person has a 3.8 but has all pre-reqs I believe they would consider the person with more pre-reqs over the higher GPA.
    If you want to send me a personal message I will give you the phone number of the lady who is in charge of transfer student admissions. She was very helpful when I had questions
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    your the best! You are extremely helpful..God Bless you! But I am not sure how to send a personal message I am new to this =/// ..I see where your going with the point system. I am attending NCC now. I only have the pre requisites required for entry. I am now working on A&P II which I WILL BE GETTING AN A In! I am taking lifespan and micro in the fall!
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    I got into the program twice with a 3.33 gpa, but when I applied I had an associates degree from nassau in liberal arts. The only classes in the program I had to take where the four nursing courses (Nur 101, 105, 203, 204).

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