Erie Community College and the Nursing Program

  1. I am currently attending ECC in Buffalo, NY. I am taking pre-req's towards Nursing in the evening part-time. What I really need to know are peoples opinions on the program at this school.
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    Any thoughts?
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    Hey, Scott, im also currently taking prereqs trying to get into te RN day program at city for january , .. my only concerns about the program are getting acceptance.... i hear its very competietive and ive even heard some people say they have been getting rejected with a 4.0 or better, however idk how credible that is, because im assuming many people tons ... dont have the prerequsites met when they even apply and an overwhemingly high number of people dont even know the prereqs exist.... if u have a 4.0 and dont have Anatomy 1 comlpleted with at least a C and the NET test when u apply incuding the other math and english contepencies, your just gonna get bumped into pre nursing, so im assuming thats what the problem is for those people,,but if u have everything met .... im still worried because it is competitive,, i have a 3.65, an A in anatomy and the lab and a 87 on the NET test and im also a male, idk if the male affirmitive action thing is true but its very possible? , but im still worried about getting in own personal advice is do very well and get A's in everything , especially Anatomy , thats a weeding out careful who u take that with ... at north i reccomend Mack, Alosio, or Glaser at City; O'Malley , crocker, and at south Gill or Roe and thats for microbiology too because they will make it easier for you and are great, but yeah i have all that and im worried about getting in so im hoping the male thing will allow me to get in
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    i'm starting the evening rn program at ecc north this month. i don't know the program first hand of course, but i have heard from a couple different rns how much they either liked the program themselves or how good it was working with graduates from there. my neighbor's daughter just graduated from there and passed nclex and has a job she'll start soon at ecmc. her mother is an rn and she likes the program at ecc and feels it was a good one.

    good luck w/your pre-reqs and in your future goals.

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    From everything I've gone through with ECC, I believe they intentionally give no guidance when they know you're hoping to get into the nursing program. They will tell you sign up in general studies, tell you which classes you'll need to take, and then you're on your own! They fail to mention how crucial taking the entrance test, and actually filling out the nursing application online in a timely manner actually are! Did you know that you need to reapply for each semester you are hoping to get in? Oh how I've enjoyed waiting for my acceptance letter to come in the mail, only to realize that I did not even apply! They make you think signing up in general studies, and conveying your intentions is enough. Very annoying.
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    I hear you. You have to be very proactive and on top of everything and ask very specifically worded questions of the right can be frustrating. Due to misunderstanding regarding entrance test I was delayed a semester and had to reapply. All I can say is stay on top of everything, transcripts, entrance test, transfer credits.

    Call and ask questions, get peoples names, don't be afraid to ask which department is responsible for different procedure, write down date/time that you spoke/met with people so that when someone asked when you did this or were told that you have the answer. You don't have to say "so and so said" you can just say well on "such a date" I spoke with someone in "this/that" office and was told "this" or to do "that" or "it" was completed/or not. It can help to have more specific information for getting to the bottom of things.

    In my case, to make sure things were done I drove in multiple times to talk to the people in person. Be polite, smile and remember that they are doing their job for thousands of students and in not the most optimal conditions. They aren't out to get us. Things fall through the cracks all the time. For my piece of mind though, going in and seeing with my eyes that something was done/entered or received into a person's hand (whose name I'd jot down) was reassuring to me. Besides at different times of the year they don't answer the phone in different departments anyway because of the influx of students. Seeing what was going on when I was talking w/them about something helped give me more information and allowed me to ask more/different questions to ensure what needed to be accomplished -- was.

    I take it as practice for being thorough and better thinking to ask the right questions in the future when I'm an RN. Good luck to you, I hope you haven't given up if you really want this.