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Hi everyone!I am applying to the fall 2012 nursing program at Dorothea Hopfer and have been searching for reviews,I haven't found much, so if any one has graduated from or is currently attending... Read More

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    Op sorry about that...the test was okay! I didn't come out feeling nerve wrecked as I felt going in...couldn't sleep at all last night. More than anything, I'm worried about the math section. Everything else, I feel fairly good about. Idk there's not a lot of action in regards to posting about Hopfer on AllNurses...wish we could get more feed back from other students as the other schools do.
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    The lack of posts is an odd thing. I was told they get 350 applications.
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    Just received an acceptance email!
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    I just got accepted as well

    See you January!!!
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    Wow congrats ladies!
    Did you receive an e-mail yesterday from Hopfer that:

    "Due to the storm we are delayed in advising you that your TEAS results are available to be viewed at

    Telephone or in person inquiries will not be accepted regarding the status of your application. A decision letter will be mailed to you as soon as possible."

    ...did you guys get this or did you just get a straight acceptance e-mail? Thanx
    By the way I fell into the proficient range. We'll see what happens, praying for the best!
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    MrsComboCurlz, Thank you! I received that email yesterday and today, I got an email stating that I got accepted & that an admission package would be coming in the mail. I was expecting to be on my tippy toes until next week because of the hurricane - I didn't expect a decision to come in this early! I just took my test last Friday. I am very impressed and even the more excited to be a student knowing how prompt they are despite of what's been going on. McFlea,Did you send an email back? The email stated that there's a waiting list and they want to know if we're considering enrollment. I was ready to write back but I thought that maybe they wanted to know by us sending in the deposit lol.
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    I responded only with a "Thank you!". They want you to bring the deposit by Nov. 26th to confirm your seat. Exciting stuff!
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    Hey Girls! I actually just saw my email today and I couldn't be any happier. I thought it was a mistake or something because I thought they wouldn't let us know by email but my mail only. Congratulations on your acceptance. I really can't wait for the package to come in the mail so it can be official. See you guys in January! Congrats girlsss. I know I'm ecstatic right now & I'm sure you guys are too.
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    hi everyone, congrats to all those that were accepted to hopfer. I just saw my email and was also accepted. Starting jan 2013. so excited!!!!
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    Congrats ladies!! Can't wait to meet you all!
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    I'm really looking forward meeting you guys...@daniellefatima I think we took the test in the same room. You look very familiar
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    Lol do you remember the girl that asked "So how many are we competing against?" That was me lol.