Dominican College, NY ABSN 2013-2014

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone here has applied to the Accelerated BSN nursing program at Dominican College in NY starting in May 2013?
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  3. by   Pookie89
    Hey,I'm actually waiting to see if I got in. I took all the pre-reqs and just waiting I guess? I think that we find out in a couple of weeks. Did you hear from them?
  4. by   NYCRN21
    I haven't heard anything yet, I'm pretty sure they said we should hear back sometime in March though. I was talking with one of the advisers and she said over 100 people applied for the accelerated program and 40 get in...and usually after the first few weeks about 10 drop out because it's so much work! I'm taking Biochem and Patho this semester, I finished my other pre-reqs too. I have to take an English placement test though, did you have to take that/any idea what might be on it? I hear that placement tests aren't usually that hard but I'd hate to not get in over a placement test haha
  5. by   Pookie89
    Hey, I applied for the program last March. I took biochem and patho already both A-'s...and my gpa graduating was a 3.22 I'm not sure if that would be good enough for the program if I'm competing with 40 people. I heard the rep about the nursing program from all the blogs, but from what I hear, my friend who's already in the program, says that the program is vigourous but reasonable. As long as you put your full-time in your courses and classes, you will do fine. I'm so nervous though!! Hopefully, we both get in.

    My friend told me that you shouldn't take the english placement exam until you find out that you got into the program...meaning I haven't taken the test yet. The english placement exam (from what I heard) is an essay form. You just have to answer a question and write up a 5 paragrah essay. Anyways, I hope that helps! I'm anticipating and waiting...I'm sure we will hear from them soon! Please let me know if you find out anything. Good luck!!
  6. by   NYCRN21
    Considering the minimum GPA was around a 2.7 to apply, I think you should be fine! I'm around the same, my graduating gpa was a 3.33 with mostly A-'s and B+'s in my pre-reqs. That's a good idea about the placement test, I'm gonna call the advisers and make sure that it's okay not to take it until after getting in and I'll let you know what they say. I know someone who took the course back in the 90's...I know that the program has changed since then but she said that while it's really, really tough, it's definitely worth it. She also said the advantage of doing the program accelerated is that you don't have as much time to forget stuff for the NCLEX Hopefully we head soon, should be in about a month now, can't wait! Let me know if you hear anything too; good luck and hopefully see you in May!
  7. by   Pookie89
    Yeah I think we're both around the same range for grades. I'm just so worried!! I hope we hear from them soon...Are there any other schools that you applied to? So far I applied to, Concordia, NYU and Florida State U (I know..random lol). I was thinking of CNR, but they are asking us to take the teas exam now...which was never the case last year. How about you?
  8. by   NYCRN21
    I'm worried too, waiting to hear is the hardest part! I didn't apply anywhere else, my issue was that the programs are so expensive and since I still have to pay off my 1st bachelor's degree loans, I can't justify paying the $60,000 price tag that most other schools have!
  9. by   Ed4200
    I applied last March and am waiting as well. I am currently taking Patho at Dominican this semester. Sister ******, who does the transcripts said we should be hearing back between Mid-February and early March.....I have a 3.3 GPA from my undergrad but that will be recalculated once I get my grade from Patho...But I think you guys should be fine!! The minimum like said above, is a 2.7 so I think all three of us are good.
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  10. by   Pookie89 seems like we're all on the same boat! I hope we hear from them soon...I've spoken to Sister ****** as well, but this anticipation is killing me! I just want to know it's too late to apply to anywhere else now.

    @Gennisajenius, yea tell me about it! I graduated from Pace, and it was already costly enough after graduating. 37g isn't too bad compared to other nursing schools.
    @Emilydanz, good luck on Patho. I'm sure you will do fine! Study hard
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  11. by   Pookie89
    @Gennisajenius...guess what, NYU accelerated program is 70g and that's not including living, schools, supplies,'s too much!!
  12. by   Ed4200
    The anticipation is killing me too! @Pookie89 I went to Pace too!!! I just graduated last may from the pleasantville campus! which one did you go to and what year did you graduate?? I am studying hard! I need to do well obviously, so I have no choice! The accelerated program at NYU is ridiculous... it is the same thing as most of the other programs in the area and basically you are just paying for the name!
  13. by   Pookie89
    @Emilydanz. I went to Pace in Pleasantville. Graduated '11, you?? And I so agree...every nurse that I talk to say that it doesn't matter where you graduate as long as you pass the boards! Hopefully we get in!! Gluck
  14. by   Ed4200
    @Pookie89 I was there! I just graduated this past May! I hope we get in too. I previously was nursing at pace then I changed my major... That was a disaster... So I'm hoping to get into Dominican and start fresh.