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Hi!!! I apply to Dominican College in New York. Just wondering if anyone heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   jeniba05
    Tuition is currently about $37,000 for the year, not including books, uniform, stethoscope, etc.
  2. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    thanks for the info. so its roughly $40,000...def not a cheap program....
  3. by   jeniba05
    Nope, not cheap. Although, Dominican is significantly cheaper than other ABSN programs in the area. Felician and Fairleigh Dickinson both run around $60K!
  4. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    THAT IS SO TRUE!!! i declined fairleigh dickinson becuz of the price tag i really dont know how to finance for the programs..anyway thanks for the information!! so you are in the program right now, right?? how is it?
  5. by   jeniba05
    Yeahhh.. We're only 3 weeks into it right now so I don't know how accurate of an assessment I can give, but so far is seems crazy but doable. It's definitely a lot of reading, but I think that as long as you're able to manage your time well, it'll be okay.
  6. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    i see, thank you and good luck!!!!!!!!!! have a great school year!
  7. by   autie321
    I got accepted into the 2012-2013 absn at Dominican. Any advice or input from anyone? Someone started a thread saying that Dominican is horrible and doesn't care about the students. I'm skeptical and very nervous now!
  8. by   EasyPeasy
    Congrats aspiringnurse2013!! I also applied to the ABSN program at Dominican and am patiently (ha!) waiting to hear back. When did you get your acceptance letter? (I will be running for the mailbox this afternoon!) I also read that thread you are refering to and it makes me wonder too. However in saying that, I've found there is always that one person who complains no matter how good it is... maybe they are right, but I take it with a grain of salt.... Anyway, crossing my fingers the letter of acceptance/rejection comes today to just put me out of my misery, finally!
  9. by   autie321
    Thanks! Yea you're right, you can't always please everyone these days. Plus i know a few people that have graduated from the ABSN program at Dominican 2011, also another one graduating this May. They all say it's intense but do-able, which is expected. I actually got my acceptance last Saturday the 18th. Good luck to you! Hope you get the acceptance! Btw, did you apply to any other ABSN programs?
  10. by   EasyPeasy
    I still haven't heard from Dominican yet. Hmm, not looking good if its been nearly a week since you received your letter! I also applied to the accelerated programs at Concordia and The College of New Rochelle, but Dominican would be my first choice if I do get in. Will you definitely be taking up the offer with Dominican or waiting on anywhere else? Thats great that you know recent grads of the program and that they say its do-able. I'm prepared to study, study, study... Hopefully I'm given the chance and thank you for wishing me luck, I'll take all I can get!
  11. by   autie321
    Well It was between Felician College and Dominican. Unfortunately I got my rejection from Felician the other day. I also applied to The College of New Rochelle as a back up back up. At least this makes my decision easier; I replied yes to my acceptance to Dominican. Don't worry just keep your head up still! If anything people will reject the accepts which slides more people up on the list. Plus you're still waiting on 2 other schools! No worries!
  12. by   nixmcgo
    I see people commenting about a thread complaining about Dominican. I am in the traditional program and would have to say someone will always complain. There are some really great professors at this school who really care about their students. Also the experiences you get are extremely valuable. The ABSN is not easy from what I've heard but if you want it enough you can do it. Also those who struggle with the ABSN have the option of entering into the traditional. Good luck to all!
  13. by   infostudnurse
    Everyone in the Dominican ABSN program complains about it, not just one person. The Traditional and ABSN program are run by separate people. They are COMPLETELY different. People who failed out of the accelerated and are in the traditional DO say it's much better. And yes, if you fail out of the accelerated, (which is ~ 50% likely because that's how many failed out) ,they may give you the option of transferring to the traditional. Just be prepared to go an extra two years. The attrition rate is very high, and the NCLEX pass rate is historically low, but apparently it went up last year. Anybody thinking about going to any program should talk to MULTIPLE students in the respective program, not just one person, and not a person in a completely different program. This has nothing to do with a person complaining about the hard work that is required in the program. Everyone expected hard work, but no one expected the horrible disorganization,other inadequecies, and terrible staff support. I regret going to this school, over another, more than any decision I have made. I also had the same thought process BEFORE attending the school: Oh well, it won't matter, I can do anything, and I can do anything for a year. If you talk to a few ABSN students in the Dominican program, you will change your mind.