does anyone know how much hospitals pay an rn in rochester ny?

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    anyone living in the rochester ny area where do you work? how much you get paid? any benefits included like health care etc.. plz help me out?

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    I only know new grad rates.....$23.50/hr. Benefits include medical/dental, pd vaca, tuition assistance for MSN and NP (Can be totally covered depending on hospital)
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    omg thank you, so much.
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    Hey I just moved to Rochester for a new grad rn position, make 22.50/hr.. it goes up to 26/hr after your first year.
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    What hospital do you work at?
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    Can anyone tell me the wages in Rocheser, NY for an experienced nurse. I have been a nurse 17 yrs and my specialty is CVICU........thinking of moving, but wanted to now about what wage I would be making. I have my BSN.
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    Rather than make a new post, I'd like to bump this one. I'm a new grad and thinking of moving back home to Rochester. Any recommendations on hospitals that are good for hiring new grads?

    Additionally, I'm really interested in Monroe Community Hospital--I used to volunteer there and really think I'd be a good fit. If anyone is employed there and willing to PM me, I would appreciate it SO MUCH.

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