Cuny math placement test...Need Help!!!

  1. Hi,so I have to take the cony math placement test. I haven't been in school in 10 years! I don't even think I've said the words algebra and trigonometry all this time!
    I found some online tutorials but I really do want a book/workbook...can anyone suggest anything pls? Any other sites tha are good? Any tips???
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    It's been ages since one took the CUNY placement exams. Even then was a senior in high school so the material on both English and Math exams were "fresh". However did need to review algerbra and the like before and during taking finite math.

    Barron's "Forgotten Algerbra" was the book I used, and it was pretty good. Easy to follow and plainly laid out.

    Have heard CUNY has tightened up their math placement exams and put NYC high schools on notice. Apparently <50% of incoming freshmen (maybe as low as <30%) pass the math exam and thus require remedial math classes. Even there the pass rate the first time is still very low, this in turn brings CUNY colleges down in rankings. Also IIRC financial aid does not usually pay for remedial classes. CUNY is telling high schools it is getting fed up with students arriving at both four and community colleges unable to handle basic college level work. It is amazing that some students can spend a year (or more), taking remedial course work just to get themselves up to "100" class level. This translates into a two year degree taking three or four years, and a four year degree, well you get the idea.

    Algerbra isn't *that* hard if one understands order of operations, knows one's "times tables", and how to divide and multiply fractions. Oh and don't forget exponets and understanding word problems.

    The later is what trips up so many persons. You really have to read the problem and understand what is being asked of you. The same will apply in medical dosage calculations, as a doctor's order is really nothing more than a word problem one sets up and solves to arrive at the proper dose.
  4. by   Morribee
    I recently took the SUNY math placement test, and scored higher than I expected to. I prepared using a CLEP Algebra study guide, College Algebra Demystified, and the Khan Academy website. Of the three, Khan Academy was the most helpful. I'd never taken college algebra (just a developmental math course when I first started with my nursing prereqs) and scored out of Algebra II. Good luck!