CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2012

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone out there applied for CUNY Hunter's generic pathway for fall 2012?

    Haven't seen a thread anywhere on this site so I thought I'd make one.
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to NY nursing programs for more of a response.
  4. by   katie0807
    hey! im applying to the hunter generic program for 2012!
    when are you taking the NLN?
  5. by   payw
    I already took the NLN on 12/10/2011. I had studied for a long time beforehand, and got a 149. When are you going to be taking yours? What did you think of NursingCAS?
  6. by   katie0807
    Oh wow thats really great, congrats! what is the highest score again ?
    I am taking mine feb 3.. so worried lol, how long beforehand did you start studying?
    And nursingcas was pretty simple, i thought it was good, hbu?
  7. by   payw
    I'm not 100% sure, but I think the highest score might be a 199? The NLN website has a pdf labeled "Composite Score to Composite Percentile Conversion Table" and the highest score on there is a 199. There is a thread here on allnurses for the accelerated program, and someone who applied to that program had a 162! I believe the generic and accelerate programs are ranked separately though, so no need to worry there (I hope).

    I was very nervous before I took it too, but don't let it overwhelm you. Just study as much as you can. I started sporadically a couple months prior to taking it and really cracked down 2 weeks before the exam. I devoted like ALL my time to studying for it, and I studied from two different books.

    I thought NursingCAS was good as well, although sending in transcripts from 3 different CUNY schools was annoying. What about your career goal statement? How long was it? The Hunter website didn't specify much, so I was obsessing over it for a while.
  8. by   katie0807
    oh Okay, yeah I kinda started cracking down on studying beginning of jan.. so this whole month haha
    im just really worried about the verbal...
    you took it on the computer right? when you are done with a section and if you have time left over are you allowed to go back to a previous section that you needed more time for or no??
    and yeah i'm sure you are fine!! as long as your gpa is up there as well !

    yeah mine wasnt too long, it was probably like 100 words short of the maximum.. but i felt like I got everything I wanted to say lol.. i mean it doesnt impact on admission so we shouldnt worry.. =D
  9. by   payw
    If you've been studying for a while, you shouldn't worry too much. I'll admit though, the verbal was the hardest part for me and probably everyone else taking it too. Even though it was tough, I still did fine despite only getting 83% correct. The test I took at Hunter was on the computer -- you can't go back to a previous section after you've finished it, but while you're completing a section, you can mark questions if you're iffy about them and can go back to those questions whenever you want to. In retrospect I probably should have marked the answer I thought was best, marked the question to go back to it, and gone back if I had time. I didn't finish the math section because I refused to do that, but I still did best in math regardless.
    I have a 3.54 GPA, which is why I'm still a little nervous because I know a lot of people apply with higher GPA's than that. What is your GPA and when are you taking the NLN?
  10. by   katie0807
    oh okay! thanks! i guess ill mark questions also..
    and yeah verbal im realllly worried about haha, ive been memorizing many vocab words.. hopefully some show up!
    im taking my nln on feb 3, and i have a 3.94 GPA
    im sure you will be fine.. you did really well on the NLN, so itll be all good! =D
  11. by   payw
    I wanted to send you a private message but can't figure out how. Are you taking microbiology at hunter this semester? If so, do you know what section you're registered for?
  12. by   katie0807
    oh haha, yeah idk how to use this site.
    yeah i am!
    uhm i think section 3? lab on wed morning!
  13. by   payw
    Oh, bummer. I originally wanted that section but it was closed when I was able to register. I'm in section 006 with labs on Thursday afternoons.
  14. by   katie0807
    oh thats not too bad though!