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Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for CUNY Hunter's generic pathway for fall 2012? Haven't seen a thread anywhere on this site so I thought I'd make one. :)... Read More

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    5 point difference in NLN, is a bigger difference than a few decimal places GPA (3.5 and 4.0 is only a .5 difference).

    Also, the NLN is a national test so there are the same number of questions for each student and the results compare you to other test takers nationally. As for GPA, it varies between each student because many applicants apply soph year (about 60 credits), but others, like myself, applying as a senior, have taken 100 credits already. Who's to say that a person a with a 4.0 at 60 credits, wouldn't have a 3.6 at 100?

    Haha. Sorry if this is confusing, I'm starting to confuse myself.
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    hmm but .5 difference in GPA is a lot. you need to work hard to achieve that, and 5 pts NLN is only a matter of a few ques.. i really don't think they actually average the grades, i feel like they rank the NLN scores and then somehow incorporate the GPA into it, or vice versa, i dont think they actually "average" the 2 grades, because it really wouldn't be fair

    also 50% NLN and 50% GPA doesn't mean they average them

    but... who knows really lol, we will just find out in may, no point in guessing, it wont change anything !
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    Yeah 1 point on the NLN is NOT equal to 1 point in GPA, at all. They won't add them together. They probably have some specific system/formula of indexing GPAs. There is a LOT more variation among the NLN scores than in the GPAs. I *assume* 90% of the applicant GPAs fall between about 3.1-3.2 and 3.8ish, while the NLN could be anywhere from 115-120 to 160ish for 90% of applicants. Again, these are just assumptions.

    Adding them together definitely wouldn't make sense. The question is how do GPA and NLN points compare in a typical applicant pool. For instance, is 3.5 and 150 the same as 3.6 and 160? Or is 3.5 and 140 the same as 3.5 and 160...

    BAH this is confusing. Hopefully this year's applicants are not particularly stronger than previous years because if it's not... seemingly everyone in this thread has a good shot of getting in (ppl with 3.4 and ~140s composite NLN got in in previous threads I think......)
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    Hey guys!!!! I'm applying this year too!!!!
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    Hey there Mush!! Welcome!

    Are you also applying to the generic program? How did you do on the NLN and GPA if you don't mind me asking?
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    I'm applying to the generic program. I got 143 on the NLN n my GPA is 3.66.
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    hey! i emailed maria and this was the answer that she gave me regarding how they will calculate the overall score of our gpa and nln:

    "a z score is developed to average the two numbers and then ranked."

    but theres nothing we can do now haha, just wait =)
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    Yeaahhhh that makes sense!
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    Hello all! I am applying to Hunter's accelerated program and katie0807 summed it up perfectly above - all we can do is wait! Does anyone know approximately when Hunter will let us know if we have been accepted? I have a decent nln score (155) but my overall GPA is rather low. My prerequisite grades are much better, but it doesn't seem like that will sway their decision much. Good luck to everyone!
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    Nursinghopeful12! we have the exact same NLN score =)
    and maria told me that sometime in may we should hear back from them! and good luck, i heard accelerated is tougher to get into than generic since they take less amount of people!!

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