CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2012 - page 5

Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for CUNY Hunter's generic pathway for fall 2012? Haven't seen a thread anywhere on this site so I thought I'd make one. :)... Read More

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    i think its 50 gpa 50 nln.. ive never heard otherwise lol.. i cant see why they would consider nln more heavily!

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    I overheard a nursing student talking about it to her friend who was still doing prereqs. She told her that they consider the NLN more heavily. Something about someone with a high NLN/low GPA having a better shot at getting in than someone with lower NLN/high GPA... im not sure if its true...

    also if you look at one of the previous threads, someone said that her rejection letter only talked about her poor NLN rank but never mentioned how her GPA compared....
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    oh well im not sure.. but theres nothing we can do now haha, just need to wait, how did u do on your nln and gpa?
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    My NLN is 160 and GPA is just above 3.5
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    Hopefully we all get in!!
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    I hope so too!!!

    Im soo curious to know how other people did this year!
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    Man I am praying to get into this program is everyone here applying to the generic program or are some of you applying to the accelerated program as well.
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    Bk100,In a way, you're right-they do consider NLN more than GPA. Think about it: the composite score is basically a students NLN and GPA combined. If one student had a 4.0 GPA but only got a 135 on the NLN, the composite score would be a 139. Whereas, if another student had a 3.5 GPA but got a 140 on the NLN, the composite score would be a 143.5, which ranks the second student with the lower GPA above the first student with a better GPA because of the higher NLN score.
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    i dont think by composite they mean adding the GPA and NLN.. i think they mean composite from NLN
    because a few points on NLN, 5 pts (between 135 and 140) is not very different, but a 3.5 and 4.0 are very different, it is much harder to get a 4.0 than a 3.5, and if they were to add gpa and NLN.. then they could be accepting people who score 160s on NLN and have 3.0 GPAs.. which wouldnt make any sense at all
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    The website says: Acceptance composite score for admittance to the Upper division is as follows:Cumulative GPA (50%)NLN Pre-RN Exam Score (50%). So it is the average of both grades. I'm sure there are people who get in with a 3.0 because of their NLN scores.

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