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Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for CUNY Hunter's generic pathway for fall 2012? Haven't seen a thread anywhere on this site so I thought I'd make one. :)... Read More

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    Hearing people are doing well as in what? What score range?

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    hey lexx575! are u also going for generic?
    whats your nln score and gpa if u dont mind me asking?
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    Well my score was a 139 :/ and 3.52 but both my friends got a 158 and a 153.
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    yes i am applying to the generic program but i heard the accelerated even though they except 32 people is easier to get into then generic after reading last years posts people with 3.2's and 130's got in
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    Yikes! The competition is tough! I feel like this thread makes me more nervous, knowing people are doing so well.
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    ahhH!! i really cant wait till may!!!!
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    Quote from payw
    I mean, the NLN site says 200....but I think its nearly impossible to score that high. At the open house, the nursing advisor said 165 was the highest score possible, and generic applicants should aim for 145-155.
    Heyy there

    Did the adviser mean that 165 is the highest possible score for the composite portion? Because technically it can go to 200. The raw score stops at 160 (60 + 40 + 60) though.

    Do you have any idea what typically the highest NLN scores are in the generic program??? Are there many people who score about 150/160?
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    Technically it can go to 200, but what I think she meant was not very many people actually do achieve above a 165. She said that generic program applicants that are accepted generally have a 145-155, and that accelerated applicants accepted generally have a 155-165. I don't know about in the past, but check this thread and you'll see that applicants this year are doing really well.
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    I see... wow didn't know the accelerated program had such high standards!

    I don't know how much better applicants are doing this year compared to the last. I don't think the average should deviate too far from that 145-155 NLN composite average score. Sure, some people get above 155... but then again you can expect just as many to get below 145 who get in.
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    Are there any other indications that this year is more competitive than the previous? Besides the information presented in this thread. Personally, I have two friends who scored in the 130s so that doesn't tell me much

    I heard a rumor that they consider your NLN much more heavily than your GPA... is that true?

    Thanks for any info!!

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