CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2012 - page 12

Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for CUNY Hunter's generic pathway for fall 2012? Haven't seen a thread anywhere on this site so I thought I'd make one. :)... Read More

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    I signed up for NSNA two weeks ago. I only did a year cuz you can always renew it when it expires. Also we can print out a temporary membership card after registration, if that means something. I am not sure about going to NSO.

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    I am soo worried. How did you guys study for the nln exam?? Which section was the most difficult??
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    I have taken the mental health portion and there was a lot of meds. The exam gave u a scenario and 3-5 questions on that one scenario. I got a 74 and I practiced with NCLEX questions but I've heard that the ATI review books work well too. I take OB/child tomorrow.

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