1. Hi, everyone! I am a little confused and hope I can get some advice. I have always wanted to be a healthcare professional, but I was not sure exactly of what I wanted to become. I have a B.A., and was accepted in a Physician Assistant Program this year. However, I was not able to attend as my brother was very ill and I decided to defer my admission to take care of my brother. I spent everyday with my brother at the hospital for a month. At the hospital, I met more PA's, doctors, and nurses. Some PA's seemed unhappy with what they did( one said she did everything for the doctors and was not very friendly with the patients). I never thought about nursing until I spent so much time at the hospital with my brother, where I noticed that nurses spend a lot more time than doctors and PA with the patients, and in many occasions seem a lot more caring and supportive towards patients and their families. Can anyone tell me how they view PA's? Also how is the job outlook for Nurse Practitioners??
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    First of all I'd like to commend you for considering the healthcare profession. What is your ultimate goal? You will encounter a lot of disgruntled, burnt out and frustuated healthcare workers. I am RN for 11 yrs now and would not stop being a primary care nurse till I am told that I am too old or too slow or too incopetent to continue. I used to be a chemical engineer. Big bucks in that career but I chose nursing. I was offered managerial position, been a DON, charge nurse had a the option to go to med school or even get my MSN, decided I am very pleased with what I do now. What counts is what you feel you will enjoy doing and what your priorities. You want to get paid more? You want the greatest satisfaction with equal compensation? Now a days, you can get paid more than PA or even a Nurse practioner. In some cases, more than a family physician. The works are out there, just have to network and expand your expertise once you get through that initial phase. Good luck to you.:wink2:
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    Hello, bluemoon78, and welcome to allnurses!

    If you go to the top of the screen and click on the drop-down menus for Nursing Discussions and then Nursing Specialty Forums, you will find there is a specific Nurse Practitioner forum. There are numerous threads there that discuss your very questions, and you will be able to get a lot of information/opinions.

    Best wishes for your journey!