Columbia-Presbyterian Emergency Room!- anyone???

  1. Hey everyone!

    so interested in this hospital. How is the ER? Setup? staff morale and good environment to work in??? Are they a level 1 trauma center?

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  3. by   FreestylePete
    The ER is not level 1.
  4. by   justami
    Columbia's adult ER is not Trauma designated they are only a 911 receiving facility, however the pediatric ER is a level 1.

    The Adult ER at Columbia is a very busy ER, and while it isn't trauma designated it is in
    the inner city so some trauma (lots years ago) will show up on your doorstep. The nurse to Pt
    ratio will be high, on average of 8 and up, could very well even have 14-20 pt's all to yourself.
    So hopefully you are prepared for the workload. A large population of visitors to the ER are spainish
    speaking only, there is also a large population of etoh/drug abusers who frequent the ER. Those who
    run the ER are well qualified and been doing it forever.

    If this will be your first ER, make sure you understand that this is no run of the mill ER.
  5. by   All4NursingRN
    thanks justami maybe I'll re-think accepting the position, when they offer. I work in an extremely busy Level 1 trauma center and it's the same average of 8 patients, good days (rare) 4-6 patients. Bad days up to 15 patients.

    I love critical care but the patient load and etc... are killing me.

    Thanks for the repies!
  6. by   justami
    If you have worked in busy level 1 with the same sort of workload then you get the picture.

    It wasn't my intention to defer you from taking the job, just wanted to give you some nuts and bolts about Columbia's ER. I assume with those stats you are working in the NY area. If getting into Columbia is your goal, then at least you know what you are getting into and can then use that to transfer to another area later on, jobs are tough to come by, just make sure you think the whole thing through. Good Luck