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  1. I'm so nervous!!

    I got As in English, Psychology and Philosophy, but a C+ in Bio 150. Even if I do well, say over 140 composite score in the NLN exams (which I am taking in a week), does the C+ in Bio hurt my chances a lot? Do they look at the overall GPA for all pre-reqs or is there more of an emphasis on the Bio grade?

    I've studied from this book - - for the NLN exam. Is studying from this book alone sufficient?

    Thanks in advance guys!
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  3. by   seraphel
    Anyone? Any comments in regards to my grades would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  4. by   DoGoodThenGo
    There really isn't much anyone can tell you that isn't already spelled out on CSI's nursing department's admission webpage.

    To the best of my knowledge having a "C+" vs a "B" isn't going to matter anymore that in the grand scheme of things the applicant with the latter may have a better overall GPA. It really comes down to the number of applicants, slots available, and strength of the applicant pool. If there are lots of people with GPAs >3.5 and great NLN or SAT test scores, then they are likely ranked higher on the "list" if openings run out before they get to those with lower GPA's and or test scores, that will be that. While CSI's webiste makes reference to admissions being based upon overall and percentages of each section of NLN or SAT testing it makes no reference as to how or if pre-nursing classes are ranked.
  5. by   sbem10
    You go to CSI?? Me too! I'm taking my NLN on the 29th of May. Did you take yours already?
    Look on the nursing website College of Staten Island - Department of Nursing and check the requirements. They put new things in red bold letters saying something overall gpa must be 2.5 or higher and the pre-req gpa must be over a 3.0 or 3.5 for them to even consider you for the program (or something like that, check just incase though)
    Keep me updated please! is this your first time taking it?
  6. by   seraphel
    Hey BM90!

    How did you do on the NLN? Yes, this is my first time taking it, and I wish I had scheduled mine for the 29th too, instead of 2 days after my Bio 160 final.
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    Hi i go to csi and im in a predicament too but i got a C in Bio 150 ...uugh im so nervous ...and then i had and issue with my physical form and i handed it in late ..i spoke to the nursing dept about it but they were really vague about the whole thing ..all they said if there are slots available i "might be considered" ..i want to be a nurse so bad and i just am so stressed i dnt feel my grades are good enough ...A n p 1 and 2 are going to ruin my GPA ..uugh are we allowed to take part 2 over? i know we cant take part 1 over unfortunatley ....i guess well just have to wait till june 13 ..... i just wish i had someone to talk to about all of this the advisors arent really helpful ...i need to speak to someone whose been through all of this already ..i feel if i dont get in thats it my whole career is goint to be down the drain . ... :-\
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    Hey seraphel, I didn't do as good as I thought on the NLN, which was very upsetting but I applied with it anyway. How about you? If you don't mind me asking
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    hey seraphel, did you get accepted??
  10. by   seraphel
    Hey BM90, I made it in! How about you?
  11. by   seraphel
    Hey sadia568, did you get in?
  12. by   sbem10
    I god accepted too!
  13. by   seraphel
    Congrats! And you thought you didnt do so well on the NLNs! Which section are you registered for?
  14. by   sbem10
    Lol I thought so. Guess I was wrong. I'm in 2751. How about you??